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Do you have high standards, an appreciation for innovation and a creative mind? Creating a custom foil with Foil Me is the perfect way to honour your salon, provide a point of difference, and ensure your guests recieve the highest quality service.
Our exclusive, custom designed foils are the perfect way to capture the heart of your salon and enhance your service. Over the past few years, we have had the privilege of creating the following beautiful custom foils... 

The Haus of Flint 

Taking 12 weeks to design, Foil Me’s resident artists collaborated with House of Flint’s Dallan Flint and his team to create a foil reflecting their style and vision, resulting in a combination of metallic gold, black and white illustrations of unique tarot cards.

Featuring Foil Me's signature ‘Push Me’ tabs which help grasp those pesky foils at the bottom of the box, this simple yet sophisticated design promises to intrigue your guest and create a point of difference in your salon.

The Haus of Flint is exclusively available in Wide (15cm x 27cm).

The Wildflower

The Wildflower Collection was custom designed for salon owner, Cena Jordan, in Las Vegas, Nevada, whose salon name is The Wildflower Collective.  

Foil Me Creative Director and Co-owner, Emily Ciardiello, wanted Cena's foil to be the perfect representation of her and her salon. How did she acheive this? Well, together with resident Graphic Designer, Chelsea Winter, Emily sought wildflowers native to North America (home of The Wildflower Collective) and hand-drew them on the foil and the box. Contrasted by a vibrant sunset pink background, this soft floral design is the perfect embodiment of nature's inherent beauty.

Both aesthetic and functional, this unique foil is perfect for those who love spring florals all year round; not to mention, they feature the same exclusive foil composition you know and love, ensuring only the highest quality service for your guests.

The Wildflower is currently available in Original (12.5cm x 27cm) and Wide (15cm x 27cm).

The Foxy

Our first custom foil, The Foxy, was created for Mia De Vries of The Fox and The Hair and owner of The Secret Fox Education in Australia. ⁠ ⁠

This beautiful tri-tone foil was one of the first multi-coloured foils to hit the market and these colours are just perfect for those looking to add a splash of colour to your salon and foiling creations.

The shades were specifically chosen to represent The Fox and The Hair brand colours whilst evoking certain feelings and senses, with pink encouraging compassion and love, purple bringing peace, trust and integrity, and blue enhancing imagination and spirituality.

Available exclusively in Flatter Me Original (12.5cm x 27cm) and Flatter Me Wide (15cm x 27cm), this collection is ideal for colourists who prefer a flat-lay style foil and is sure to bring a pop of colour and vibrancy to your salon!

The Desert Lounge

Evan Stowers, owner of The Desert Lounge Salon is a treasured Foil Me Ambassador for the USA. After years of socialising with each other and admiring Evan’s art, Evan reached out to us to design a custom foil for his salon in Utah, aptly named The Desert Lounge.

This gorgeous sandy gold and dark green cacti design not only represents the arid desert lands in Utah, USA where Evans Stowers' salon is, but also the endurance and resilience that cacti possess. 

In carefully crafted and aesthetically pleasing packaging, this custom foil features our iconic 'Push Me' tabs for easy dispensing and our premium Foil Me signature embossing for effortless application and perfect results, every time. 


The Desert Lounge is currently available in Original (12.5cm x 27cm) and Wide (15cm x 27cm)

Want to know more about this uber cool collection? Visit our blog!

The Tressa

Tressa Yanchuk is a renowned blonde and balayage specialist and educator, with specialised techniques that require the perfect foils. Having been a Foil Me ambassador since 2018, it was only a matter of time before we collaborated on a foil together.

In carefully crafted and aesthetically pleasing periwinkle and white bobby pin design packaging, this custom foil features the same premium Foil Me signature embossing with a pretty periwinkle and white bobby pin design.

Periwinkle is a pale indigo colour that is actually named after flower; representing femininity and nature. It is blue with shades of purple and sits between the two on the colour wheel thus it represents serenity, calmness, winter and ice. It can also symbolise blossoming friendships, sentimental memories, and everlasting love. Don't be surprised if you take trips down memory lane or you feel a sense of calm with your guests whilst foiling with these.

The Tressa is currently available in Original (12.5cm x 27cm) and Wide (15cm x 27cm).

The She/Her/Fox

Foil Me’s second collaboration with Mia De Vries of The Secret Fox Education, She/Her/Fox was expertly illustrated by Saphody Thompson and brought to life by Foil Me graphic designer, Chelsea Winter.

A nod to Mia’s industry juggernauts, the conceptual design features intricate motifs of a woman (She/Her) and a fox’s tail (Fox), among depictions of stars and Monstera foliage on a lustrous copper background. Perfectly encapsulating femininity and creative expression, this on-trend foil is sure to elicit an air of tranquillity between stylist and guest.

Like The Foxy, this collection is exclusively available in our Flatter Me style specifically for those who prefer a flat-lay foil. The She/Her/Fox is currently sold-out, but will be available in Flatter Me – Wide (15cm x 27cm) again soon! 

Curious as to the deeper meaning behind this enchanting foil? Explore our blog here.

The Canvas 

The Canvas was specifically painted by Foil Me’s Creative Director & Co-Founder, Emily Ciardiello for JOICO (@joicoaustralianz) and JOICO Ambassador, Carolyn Gahan, (@carolynjayun), and cleverly brought to life and ready to print by Graphic Design genie, Chelsea Winter.

Featuring neon colours and abstract brush strokes, this vibrant foil mimics the texture and appearance of a real canvas and is available in shiny or matte. Like paint to a canvas, this collection is sure to entice conversation between you and your guests around colour, creativity, and the interpretation of art.

The Canvas Matte and Shiny are currently sold-out, but will be exclusively available again in Wide (15cm x 27cm) soon!

In the meantime, peek our blog to explore the art behind the foil.

The Kabuki 

Custom designed for an Adelaide salon, Kabuki Hair, this elegant and one-of-a-kind foil is an ode to Kabuki Hair’s style and individuality.

This unique foil features luxurious bronze packaging, wrapped in hand-drawn Mandevilla flowers from the salon’s facade. Within, you will find premium Foil Me signature embossed foil, adorned with an intricate illustration of the mosaic tiles from the Kabuki Hair salon. Flip over the box and you will see Kabuki’s French doors, ready to be opened on our signature ‘Push Me’ tabs to help you grab those last few foils with ease! 

A limited collection, The Kabuki was widely adored for its gorgeous and versatile design - find out more here.

The Stella 

Designed specifically to epitomise Mark David’s love for art deco and his family, including the gorgeous cocker spaniel, Stella, who is an integral part of Mark’s life, each element is meticulously illustrated and graphically designed by Foil Me artists Emily Ciardiello and Chelsea Winter.

The distinctive parquetry complements the luscious forest green and golden palette of Stella, whilst the box design of blue flowers on light wood and gold parquetry makes this foil an exceptional representation of what art truly is.

Featuring our premium Foil Me signature embossing, this limited collection  to Mark David and his salon. Revisit this gorgeous collection here.

Curious about embarking on a custom foil journey? Send us an email at for more information!


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