Foil Me Fuses Art Deco & Pop Art to present The Stella Foil

Paying homage to the globally adored pet, the canine, our latest offering in collaboration with Mark David of the UK’s Mark David Salon, The Stella  is an artful fusion of Art Deco and Pop Art design which will have salons barking up conversations!
Featuring our premium signature embossing, The Stella  has been specifically designed to capture Mark David’s love for Art Deco, his family and his gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, Stella. All elements are integral in Mark’s life, meticulously illustrated and graphically designed by our artists, Emily Ciardiello and Chelsea Winter.
The distinctive parquetry design complements the luscious forest green background and golden palette of Stella. In a beautiful symbolic tribute to Mark’s close family members, the box design comprises of blue flowers on the light wood and gold parquetry, ensuring this foil is an exceptional representation of what art truly is!
“I really enjoyed working with Mark David; he is remarkably talented and his artistic vision is clearly reflected in his award-winning salon. I was so honoured and incredibly excited to illustrate Stella - her energy was captivating,” says Emily.
“With every custom foil we create, each element is scrutinised and we ensure the salon and Foil Me’s brand is reflected in the design. To depict the Art Deco beauty of Mark David Salon, and also include personal details such as the blue flowers, yet still make it accessible to other Foil Me movers by capturing the essence of Stella, was an amazing experience.”
With Mark David’s salon screaming luxury and his obvious affinity for elegant design, it was important for our team to design a foil which complemented his salon; eliciting the same feelings of decadence and art, yet also capturing the personal connection Mark wanted the foil to have.
Says Emily, “The gorgeous cocker spaniel, Stella, was the first element we created before adding the other features. The parquetry background is actually the letters of Mark David’s name and the flowers drawn by Chelsea, represent his sister, niece, grandfathers and grandma. It is our most personal foil to date, but one we feel will resonate on a global level.”
For Chelsea, bringing Mark’s vision to life was incredibly rewarding yet simultaneously challenging.

“I personally had the opportunity to create the parquetry-inspired background for the foil, and I hand drew each of the symbolic flowers that adorn the box’s exterior. The Stella is one of the most intricate and complex foil projects we have completed; I am so overjoyed at the result,” says Chelsea.

And for Mark, everything about the foil represents him:
“Wow - what an experience! From our initial chat to seeing the final design, the Foil Me family have been incredible to work with! The design is insanely good and personal - it’s my gorgeous Stella, the blue flowers represent my family, and the Art Deco is the salon. I honestly can’t wait to start using them in-salon and share my story with clients as I use them. I am thrilled to have my own custom foil!” States Mark.

The Stella is available from the 12th April 2022 in four sizes:

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