Journey Through the Wilderness with Foil Me's 'The Desert Lounge Collection'


Let’s be honest, the desert doesn’t exactly scream glamour. When we think of the desert, we think of vast expanses of red dirt and dry land among some of the most incredible landscapes you’ve ever seen. But whose to say both can’t be true at once?

Utah’s own Evan Stowers - among many other hair afficionados - has proven this to be nothing but a baseless misconception. Foil Me Ambassador and Founder of none other than The Desert Lounge Salon, Evan began his career as a curious soul whose passion for hairdressing would soon see him become an industry trailblazer.

If you’re familiar with Evan’s work, I’m sure you can understand why we jumped at the opportunity to create a foil together. In 2019 the aptly named Desert Lounge Collection was born; a nod to Evan’s salon and the desert landscape he calls home.

Marked by its resemblance to the Utah wilderness, this foil features a sandy gold background with an uber cool dark green cacti motif. Simple in its design, this collection draws inspiration from the enduring spirit of the cactus – a symbol of resilience and adaptability.

So, what can you expect from The Desert Lounge Collection?

  • Precision application: this funky foil ensures accurate placement and coverage, allowing you to create flawless highlights and colour effects, every time.
  • Efficient processing: Experience optimal heat retention and reduce processing time to enhance your workflow.
  • Amplified creativity: From classic to cutting-edge styles, The Desert Lounge enhances your creative prowess, turning visions into reality.

Ready to take your artistry to the next level? Delve into The Desert Lounge Collection, your gateway to mastering the art of desert-inspired hair transformations.

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