The Wildflower - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)
The Wildflower - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)
The Wildflower - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)
The Wildflower - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)
The Wildflower - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)
The Wildflower - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)

The Wildflower - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)

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Embrace the wild and free artist that you are with Foil Me's most artisanal collection yet. 

In carefully crafted and aesthetically pleasing gold and wildflower packaging, this hand-drawn (by co-owner and creative director of Foil Me, Emily Ciardiello) foil features the same premium Foil Me signature embossing with a breathtaking wildflower floral design and a pop of pink sunrise that both delights and surprises.

The Wildflower collection was custom designed for salon owner, Cena Jordan, in Las Vegas, Nevada, whose salon name is The Wildflower Collective 

Emily Ciardiello (creative director and co-owner) wanted to ensure the design for Cena Jordan's foils was completely unique and represented Cena and her salon seamlessly. Thus, she sought flowers that were native to North America where Cena's salon is and hand drew each one (Wild Geranium, Indian Paintbrush, Douglas Aster) to decorate the foils and the box. To do this, Chelsea Winter (our Foil Me graphic guru) digitally traced each hand drawn flower, and together, both Emily and Chelsea meticulously added the finer details whilst in consultation with Cena to create this stunning collection.

To further emanate the symbolic meaning of the wildflower; new beginnings and a free soul, the stunning flowers are featured on the background of beautiful gold packaging, but inside the box, the wildflowers are highlighted on a gorgeous pink sunrise colour, which, like the flower that delightfully surprises their audience by appearing spontaneously in the wild, so too does this artist's dream.

The Foil Me Difference - our foils are designed with unique features where you will:

  • Minimise your time, conserve product and improve efficiency with the signature embossing, the most popular sized pre-cut pink sunrise and wildflower designed foil sheets and the convenient 'tissue-box' dispensing.
  • Love your work; don't be surprised if you connect with your wild, carefree and artistic side as you create with these foils. A wildflower symbolises one who is free from social constraints and whom thrives in environments that are untamed and kept.
  • Ensure beautiful results and effortless application with our unique and exclusive foil composition.
  • Enjoy an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious packaging design that suits any salon décor.
  • Slumber peacefully knowing you've chosen to create with tools where the foil and packaging are not only 100% recyclable, but the foil is made from a percentage of recycled aluminium too.

*Please note all orders are final. If you wish to return or exchange your order due to change of mind, additional charges may apply. Contact us on for further details*

Product Specifications:

  • Embossed, pre-cut foil
  • Push Me tabs on the bottom of the box
  • 15cm X 27cm
  • 500 sheets

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We use Border Express and Australia Post for our orders. Please allow 1-4 business days for Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and 4-5 business days for other capital cities. For our Foil Me Movers living in country areas, please allow 5-6 business days.

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Dispatch rates:


    • SA
      $10.85 for up to a carton
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    • VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS
      $14.90 for up to a carton

    • NT, WA, QLD
      $19.90 for a carton
      $15.90 up to two packets

    • $9.00 per additional cartons (for each state)

    • New Zealand
      $18.90 for up to a carton
      $15.90 for sample packs
      $32.90 for 2 cartons
      $12.90 for additional cartons


    • Australia 

    • New Zealand

    • When ordered with any Foil Me’s foils, brushes are included with no extra shipping fee.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Molly Gordon
      We love your foil sooo much!

      We love your foil sooo much at baby bangs!

      I’m addicted and can’t actually use anything else now 😂

      I just ordered the brush set also and I’m in loveeee with the tone me one my appt loves the baylage one and uses it to foil also!

      Would love to do a foil me in pink neon hearts one day to match my salon 💕

      molly x

      Angelique Vakas / Chroma boutique
      I love how wide they are and they're the perfect length too!

      I love how wide they are and they're the perfect length too. So many comments from clients saying how pretty the foils are instead of them being the plain boring silver foil. When clients are feeling their most vulnerable in the chair, not looking their best all the time, they do feel better when their foil looks pretty in their hair!

      Amy Prenc
      Loved how flexible they were!

      I haven’t had a good change to create anything with your foils yet, as I am still in lockdown but have put them in my own hair and loved how flexible they were!

      Can’t wait to use them on a client! 👏

      Denise | @theheadedit Perth
      I love Foil Me

      I love Foil Me because:

      1) The quality of the foils are exceptional and they can come pre-cut which is amazing when I'm on the go in a busy salon environment.

      2) The varied designs are very visually pleasing, while also serving their purpose. These means a lot to me and my business as a hair colourist, I am a very visual person and my clients always comment on how appealing they are. It's all in the details and clients do notice!

      Shana Hair Artist
      Obsessed with this pattern

      Thanks lovely, absolutely obsessed with this pattern!