The Board - Dusty Pink (16cm x 30cm)
The Board - Dusty Pink (16cm x 30cm)
The Board - Dusty Pink (16cm x 30cm)
The Board - Dusty Pink (16cm x 30cm)
The Board - Dusty Pink (16cm x 30cm)

The Board - Dusty Pink (16cm x 30cm)

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Proudly designed and made in Australia, ‘THE BOARD’ is created FROM 100% RECYCLED MATERIAL and it is 100% recyclable. This innovative hair tool is available in two on-trend colours, Ecru and Dusty Pink, with each one featuring a touch of sparkle because with Foil Me, more is what you deserve.


  • Versatility: Intelligently designed, ‘The Board’ features one end with a straight edge and the other slightly curved. Additionally, one side encompasses Foil Me’s unique embossing, and the other side is smooth. Flip the board to suit your preference and the technique you are applying.
  • Investment: ‘The Board’ is a customised hair tool that caters to both the Wide (15cm by 27cm) and Original (12.5cm by 27cm) sized foil. Due to the high-quality materials and design, ‘The Board’ is extremely durable.
  • Comfort: Reduce the risk of RSI with the lightweight design, signature embossing that is designed to grip the hair or foil, and a curved edge that ensures comfort for both you and your guest.
  • Sustainability: Encased with minimal packaging and created from materials that are made from 100% recycled plastic, you and your guest can have ease of mind you have chosen a product that has a reduced impact on the environment.
  • Relationship building; this aesthetically pleasing tool may elicit curiosity from your guests, creating a conversation around your choice of hair tools for creating your art.
  • Flexibility: ‘The Board’ conforms perfectly to any contour, providing enhanced results and ensuring client satisfaction.


***Please note: ‘The Board’ was designed, manufactured, and packed in Australia. When you order this innovative new product, you are directly contributing to the Australian economy by supporting three local Australian businesses.

All Foil Me orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Adelaide and sent nationally and internationally. Orders that are received before midday (local Adelaide time) are dispatched the same day.

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We use Border Express and Australia Post for our orders. Please allow 1-4 business days for Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and 4-5 business days for other capital cities. For our Foil Me Movers living in country areas, please allow 5-6 business days.

Express Post is available for small orders - you will receive this option during the checkout process.

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      $15.90 up to two packets

    • $9.00 per additional cartons (for each state)

    • New Zealand
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      $15.90 for sample packs
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    • When ordered with any Foil Me’s foils, brushes are included with no extra shipping fee.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Rebecca Wood
      I cannot live without it!

      I ordered the board from Foil Me as I really wanted to see what it was like. When I first used it, I thought.. ‘hmmm I am not sure…’ well after that first half a head of foils... I cannot live without it. The design to fit the head is great. The embossing helps grip the foils so zero slippage and they are super lightweight but not too flexible so application every time is consistent. Thank you Foil Me for continuing to strive to make our job not only easier but super fun!’ Rebecca Wood Education.

      Aoife Breen
      Now a board lover!

      Only taking me 16 years… Now a board lover and my wrists don’t hurt anymore. Couldn’t imagine not using it now.

      Sheree Knobel
      I’m absolutely obsessed!

      The Board has flexibility which I love, because I need it to bend a little bit when I’m painting. It’s perfect! And of course, it’s pink!
      It also has the signature embossing, which gives it a little more stick. But for the people who don’t like it, there is a nice flat surface as well.
      I can tell you, I’m absolutely obsessed!… I think you’re going to love it, just as much as I do!

      I am OBSESSED with the new foil me foil board!!

      I am OBSESSED with the new foil me foil board!! As a colourist that always uses a foil board this is a game changer. I've tried so many different brands and styles and this has to be my fave! I love how sleek and light weight it is, makes it super easy to get the foil up close to the root. I am in loveeeeeee with it!!

      Fabian Maier
      The quality of your board is really outstanding!

      The quality of your board is really outstanding and because it’s that versatile for foiling and freehand techniques makes it different to every other board on the market! 
      The main point also will be that it’s from 100% recycled materials, so congratulations- it was definitely worth to wait! :)
      So I can’t wait to bring the board to Germany!