Flatter Me - The Knobel (PRE-CUT FOIL WITH FOLD - 500 Sheets - 12.5cm x 27cm)
Flatter Me - The Knobel (PRE-CUT FOIL WITH FOLD - 500 Sheets - 12.5cm x 27cm)
Flatter Me - The Knobel (PRE-CUT FOIL WITH FOLD - 500 Sheets - 12.5cm x 27cm)
Flatter Me - The Knobel (PRE-CUT FOIL WITH FOLD - 500 Sheets - 12.5cm x 27cm)
Flatter Me - The Knobel (PRE-CUT FOIL WITH FOLD - 500 Sheets - 12.5cm x 27cm)

Flatter Me - The Knobel (PRE-CUT FOIL WITH FOLD - 500 Sheets - 12.5cm x 27cm)

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Foil Me's Flatter Me style but in our gorgeous The Knobel pink.

In carefully crafted and aesthetically pleasing pastel pink packaging and foil, this embossed foil is perfect for traditional foil techniques.

The Foil Me Difference - our foils are designed with unique features where you will:

    • Minimise time, conserve product and improve efficiency with the signature embossing, flat lay design and pre-cut pink foil sheets in our popular sized foil that is designed with a 2cm fold.

    • Saves you time, our signature embossing prevents slipping and assists with quicker processing time.

    • Love your work; pink is from the primary colour red, the universal colour of love and it is also a proven colour that increases productivity. You, your staff and your clients will naturally fall in love with your salon and their hair. #pinkliveshere

    • Ensure beautiful results and effortless application with our unique and exclusive foil composition.
    • Enjoy an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious packaging design that suits any salon décor.

    • Relish in the range of colours available in this style.

    • Slumber peacefully knowing you've chosen to create with tools where the foil and packaging are not only 100% recyclable, but the foil is made from a percentage of recycled aluminium too.

*Please note all orders are final. If you wish to return or exchange your order due to change of mind, additional charges may apply. Contact us on hello@foilme.com.au for further details*

Product Specifications:

  • Embossed, pre-cut foil with 2cm fold
  • 12.5cm X 27cm
  • 500 sheets

All Foil Me orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Adelaide and sent nationally and internationally. Orders that are received before midday (local Adelaide time) are dispatched the same day.

Orders received after midday (ACST) are dispatched the next day.

We use Border Express and Australia Post for our orders. Please allow 1-4 business days for Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and 4-5 business days for other capital cities. For our Foil Me Movers living in country areas, please allow 5-6 business days.

Express Post is available for small orders - you will receive this option during the checkout process.

Dispatch rates:


    • SA
      $10.85 for up to a carton
      $13.90 for up to a carton

    • VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS
      $14.90 for up to a carton

    • NT, WA, QLD
      $19.90 for a carton
      $15.90 up to two packets

    • $9.00 per additional cartons (for each state)

    • New Zealand
      $18.90 for up to a carton
      $15.90 for sample packs
      $32.90 for 2 cartons
      $12.90 for additional cartons


    • Australia 

    • New Zealand

    • When ordered with any Foil Me’s foils, brushes are included with no extra shipping fee.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Megan Castles
      We loveee our foil me foils!

      We loveee our foil me foils! The different colours are always complimented in our salon and makes our clients feel that extra special. Plus we love the different sizes they come in it makes our foiling so much easier!

      We will be repeat customers forever !

      Trinity king
      I'm absolutely loving using Foil Me.

      It's a no brainer really, you want to offer superior colour you buy a superior colour brand. You want your foils to be seamless and the best results from them you buy the best brand, and I believe it's Foil Me.

      It's so easy with pre cut foil, such a time saver and the fun colours and patterns the clients love. Plus if you are doing different colours in different foils you know which has what so your not opening every foil to find the blonde etc.