Did you know?

Did you know that you can recycle your Foil Me foil simply by using your everyday recycling bin? Simply give your foil a quick rinse in the sink at the same time as washing your client's hair (to minimise water waste), roll the foil into a tennis (or larger sized) ball and pop it in the recycling bin (yellow topped). Alternatively, if you have a place where you can store your used foil, you can actually get money back by taking it to your nearest recycling plant! The exchange rate varies, but you will get something in return for your good deed, as well as the best feeling that you are contributing to help save the environment! Every sheet of Foil Me foil recycled is less raw material needed. Did you also know that aluminium foil can be recycled infinitely?? So that can of soft drink you may have drunk today could have been made from recycled foil from last year!! There are many salons already recycling our Foil Me foil, including sustainable salons! Enjoy the luxury of Foil Me and help the planet at the same time!!


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