💭 “You Can’t Copy What Isn’t Yours” 💭

We feel that you, our Foil Me lovers, are owed our time (and therefore expression of love) in writing to you to explain what’s going on out there at the moment with all these ‘copy-cat’ brands and clearing up a few mistruths that are being spread around like wildfire! 🌸

First up!

♻️ Recycled Aluminium:
Despite what you may be led to believe, all aluminium foil is recyclable – we have never misled you in this and refuse to use this as a selling tactic, this is why we don’t promote it or print it in large letters all over our packaging – however, we do feel it is important that you know. Also, all hair foil is made from a percentage of recycled aluminium and raw products – IT CAN NEVER BE MADE FROM 100% RECYCLED ALUMINIUM. (for more info, check out our FAQ on our website).

💕 Our products:
We are constantly listening to you to ensure our foils are helping make your life easier and more enjoyable. The foils you use today are very different from the ones you may have used 5 years ago – it has taken years to perfect the right consistency of alloy, microns and embossing and we are constantly evolving to keep perfecting our foils for you.

💌💭 Our writing/text/expression:
EVERY single word we print, publish, post or speak comes from us and our intellectual property. We spend a lot of time perfecting our post write ups, website copy and any other material you see because we feel you deserve to be given refreshing material where time has gone into giving you what resonates with you – what makes you smile, oooh and ahhh or even laugh! That’s what we aim for – your joy!

☺️ Unique sizing:
We’ll keep this short – before Foil Me, the 15cm width of our most popular size: The Wide, did not exist in a pre-cut foil. We specifically designed this size for our good friends here in Adelaide, @Zinkhair. Hey Tony! @tzink1

🌈🦄💚💓 Colours/designs:
The pastel pink colour that we released in January 2017 and called The Knobel collection was the first ‘non-bright’ colour as a foil. Quite simply, we created a foil in this colour because we knew it was an ‘on-trend’ colour (the following year’s “pantone colour of the year” to be exact). Also, Sheree Knobel at Bixie Colour had pink hair and we wanted to name a foil in her honour – Emily thought that there were perfumes and clothing named after celebrities, so why not name a foil after a highly revered colourist (and good friend)? We then brought out the beautiful and serene aquamarine colour for Jaye Edwards at
Edwardsandco in 2018.

⚡️📦 Packaging design:
Basically, back in 2013 (when we started creating a foil) we asked our manufacture to meet certain specifications and one of them was to create a box that ensured neat and convenient dispensing; so we were introduced to the ‘pop up’ design. Since then, however, we have adapted the design to what it is today. Before us, this design was not widely known or used in Australia (note – we don’t look at what is currently out there already when we create our products, so this could have existed elsewhere without our knowledge). Today, every man and his dog has the pop up design.

💜🦄The Flatter Me design, however, was created from scratch by @foilmefoils_emilyciardiello whose inspiration was the high end shoe boxes and the Apple packaging; she was also motivated by Mia from @thefoxandthehair who was taking the foils out and laying them flat. Emily knew that there were already ‘flat lay’ designs out there, however, we weren’t happy with having what other companies had already, so Emily designed the super cool Flatter Me dispensing box; this is now widely seen in many foil companies around the world.

🎗🌏❤️ Social Conscience:
Three years ago, Emily took the opportunity to use the success of our pastel pink The Knobel collection to give back to our community. With cancer research being such a personally close cause to her heart, and something we knew would be for many of our lovers also, Emily wanted to raise funds and awareness for the @nbcfaus each October – breast cancer awareness month – by donating $1 from every box sold. 🎀 We really need to be clear on this as this is the BIG difference here – we don’t use a charity to sell our foils, we use our foils to help a charity and we are very transparent as to how much is donated.

👨‍👨‍👧‍👧🏩 We also think it’s really important to only work with people who are on the same page as us and share our values, that is why you won’t find our foils in every Tom, Dick and Harry store – we choose our distributors very carefully and the people we collaborate with. They need to be ‘our kind of people’ – the kind that are nice behind your back and who are down to earth. Yes, we’ve made mistakes going into business with some that have deceived us, but life is a lesson to be learned and taught.

🤗🥰☺️ Support
Without giving too much away (we already have I guess, but if you keep reading, you’ll find that it doesn’t really matter), we love to support our Foil Me lovers every way we can! We are OBSESSED with the beautiful canvases you create each day and we feel it’s important to support not only the established artists, but the emerging ones too!

📲So when another foil company comes into your salon or slides into your DMs and tells you ‘their foil or they are the same as Foil Me’ you can be rest assured that this is a BIG FAT LIE. As we have highlighted 💆🏻 (this is a favourite of ours - playing on words) above, not only are our products different, but our brand is too. So if you see writing (or hear someone say something), or you see the same size that isn’t a “usual” size for the foiling industry, or even if you see the same colour from another brand that is the same or pretty close to us, you can be confident in knowing who wrote it, said it and created it first. A brand is an essence and that my dear, can never be copied. We are a brand synonymous with creation, innovation, appreciation and integration. Our foils have been and always will be designed for you, the artist.

With much love, gratitude and respect,

The Foil Me team

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