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As Foil Me turns 7 years old on the 29th of January 2021, we wanted to highlight the amazing evolution of the brand and how we continue to refine our creative identity.

When Emily and Ili were creating Foil Me, they envisioned a brand that would not only assist colourists around the world to have an easier, more enjoyable life, but one that could provide salons with a unique point of difference and a luxurious feel where hairdressers could experience efficient elegance every day.

When it came time to renew the Foil Me brand, Emily (Foil Me’s Co-Founder and Creative Director) – was/is inspired by fashion, in particular designer brands, where their products are not only impeccably manufactured, but they also challenge the norm, speak to their customers through design and colour and tell a story for each collection.  

This inspiration led to some major changes in our brand journey including:

  • an update to our logo from fuchsia to black (or white); creating a classic feel of the Foil Me brand whilst offering a singular nod to the fun and innovation by including the previous fuschia pink in the ‘i’ dot.
  • beautiful, clean and simplistic packaging.
  • a stunning photoshoot inspired by high fashion accessories showcasing how our stunning Foil Me foils and brushes are the must-have accessory for your salon
  • a new website layout with an edgy editorial update to showcase our innovative designs.

And, last but certainly not least, our most recent revamp has been our brand-new tagline:

Foil Me…where more is what you deserve”.

This new tagline encapsulates everything that we endeavour to create for you at Foil Me; to elevate your everyday experience and to create more ease and joy when you’re at the salon – because that is what you deserve.


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