The Witching Hour Has Returned with Foil Me’s x HairCo. 'The Midnight' Collection

In the mood for a refined, modern aesthetic? If so, the newest collection might be just for you.

Bold and empowering yet effortlessly chic, The Midnight exudes sophistication and timelessness with its matte-black design; but how did this collection come to be?

Created in collaboration with HairCo., this stunning onyx foil was born from the desire to create a collection that would be coveted for its versatility.

Based in Melbourne, HairCo. Director Tony Alessi reveals The Midnight is a nod to his city’s long-held love of the colour black.

“The collaboration between our brands was an inevitable union to create a quality, classic product that would complement most salon aesthetics and is of course representative of HairCo.’s own brand identity,” says HairCo. Director, Tony Alessi.


Featuring Foil Me’s signature embossing, this chic, contemporary foil is a refreshing alternative for those who prefer a monochromatic colour scheme in their salon. Exuding mystery and allure, The Midnight represents the transition from day to night; where one chapter ends, and another begins.

Eager to spark change and make a statement in your salon? With its classically simplistic design, The Midnight is sure to do just that.

Explore The Midnight Collection in our styles Wide (15 cm x 27cm) and Flatter Me – Wide (15cm x 27cm).

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