The meaning behind The BCR foil design

We are delighted to introduce you to our latest release, The BCR (breast cancer research) collection. 

This gorgeous foil is artfully embellished with hand-illustrated pink roses by Foil Me’s Creative Director and Co-Founder, Emily Ciardiello, and Graphic Designer, Chelsea Winter. 

Featuring our premium Foil Me signature embossing, our custom watercolour rose designed foil has been specifically created to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.  


This beautiful flower is particularly special as it has been drawn based on a rose from Sheree Knobel’s tree that was planted in memory of her sister, Melanie Callow, who died from cancer in 2015.  

 When these foils are introduced into your salon, you and your guests may feel a wave of love rush over you. 

Beautiful roses have been revered as a symbol of love throughout history. In Ancient Greek Mythology, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, created the rose as the symbol for her love of Adonis.  

The pink rose’s symbolism creates the feelings of love, gratitude, admiration, and grace. In addition, when this stunning fragrant flower transforms from bud to blossom, the reveal of petals can illustrate how love can unfold in our lives. 

Emily was also inspired by the poem - ‘The Sick Rose’ by William Blake - that she taught in her previous career as a teacher to her Year 10 students. This poem is often debated as to its meaning, however, one of the interpretations is that the worm is a disease or illness that takes over the rose in a metaphoric ‘storm’ and ends the rose’s life. If you look closely at the rose we drew, both on the box and on the foil, you will see a very small hole in the flower which is our way of paying homage to William Blake and those who have lost the beautiful roses in their lives. 


O Rose thou art sick.  
The invisible worm,  
That flies in the night  
In the howling storm:  
Has found out thy bed 
Of crimson joy: 
And his dark secret love 
Does thy life destroy. 


Pre-order for estimated despatch early October, from the sale of every box of the BCR collection, $1.00 will be donated to assist the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to help achieve their mission of Zero Deaths from breast cancer by 2030. 

NBCF is Australia’s leading national body funding game-changing breast cancer research with money raised entirely by the Australian public. They receive no government funding. 

The BCR collection is available in the following sizes: 

The BCR (12.5cm x 27cm)  

The BCR - Wide (15cm x 27cm)  

The BCR - Extra Wide (20cm x 40cm)  


Join us in our Pink October activities here, or donate directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation here. 


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  • Andrea Lee Holland

    Can’t wait to have The BCR collection in salon @ H&Co on return, not only to bring awareness to Breast Cancer Research though a pop of colour after such a long lockdown in Melbourne for all our blonde guests. 💕

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