The Love Languages of Hairdressing: Make your Clients and Colleagues feel fabulous!

Hey, Mover! As Valentine's Day approaches, we're reminded that love comes in many forms, each as unique and fulfilling as the next. And, with each relationship, we give and receive love in different ways. Whether it be our family, friends, colleagues, or bosses (or even our pets!), everyone has different needs and expectations. Now, I’m sure by this point you’ve heard of the Love Languages, but here’s a refresher just in case – the 5 Love Languages include Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Gift Giving, Quality Time and Physical Touch. Got it? Okay, good! Now, let’s delve into the ways that you can embrace these concepts in the salon…

Words of Affirmation:

As a stylist, you’re no stranger to reassuring your guests. Whether it’s getting them accustomed to their newly blonde tresses or bold micro-bangs, ensuring your guests feel comfortable with their new look is basically second nature to you. And, with more of a focus on creating a positive salon culture these days, it’s not uncommon to share words of encouragement and appreciation with your colleagues. So, this Valentine’s Day, why not step it up a notch? Instead of speaking your affirmations, why not write them? After all, there’s nothing sweeter than receiving a hand-written note or card straight from the heart. Ps. our latest collection, The Love Letter, is a PERFECT way to spread some positivity amongst your team!

Acts of Service:

You’re all about making people feel pampered, right? I mean, it is your job after all! We know, we know - in this economy, it’s a bit much to expect extra services for nothing. Instead, why not elevate your guest’s experience by focusing on the little things?  From a humble tea or coffee upon arrival (or maybe even a cocktail), to something as simple as opening the door as they leave, these little things leave a lasting impact. And when it comes to your colleagues, teamwork makes the dream work - so, if you’re able to, why not lend a hand to your co-workers when needed.

Gift Giving:

Okay, we might not be handing out diamond necklaces (I mean, if we could, we would, right?) but a little gift can still spark joy! Gifting free samples or taking the time to provide hair maintenance tips can really make your guests feel valued and keep them coming back. And your team? A small token of appreciation like a morning coffee or a home-made treat can brighten their day and strengthen your bond.

Quality Time:

As you know, when your clients are in the chair, it's your time to shine! Be present, listen to their hair hopes and dreams, and maybe even share a few laughs or take on the role of unofficial therapist (if you know, you know)! It's not just about the haircut - it's about the connection. And speaking of connections, don't be shy to bond with your fellow stylists over lunch or plan team bonding activities outside of the salon!

Physical Touch:

This one can be a little difficult in most professional settings. Thankfully, for hairdressers, it’s as simple as giving your guest a relaxing scalp massage so they leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

How ever you decide to share love in the salon is completely personal to you and can really help turn an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one. Whether you're dishing out compliments, lending a helping hand, or just sharing a laugh, remember that it's all about making people feel fabulous – one snip or foil at a time!

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