The Knobel Brush Ensemble

Welcome to the Knobel Brush Ensemble where you can indulge yourself and your guests with the luxurious, vegan, soft, feathered bristles that not only perform exceptionally, but are aesthetically pleasing as well.

The four unique toning, tinting, balayaging and detailing brushes were designed in collaboration with our Australian ambassador, Sheree Knobel of Bixie Colour to ensure artists had tools that enhanced the enjoyment of foiling and hair painting.

Quickly labelled as a #gamechanger, each brush is specifically designed to save you time, whilst creating seamless, dreamy tones.

Now released as a set of four in stylish, pink packaging, these brushes make a beautiful gift this festive season.
















Oh, and did we mention they’re also available in silky, silver bristles too? Yeah, we thought we’d drop that.

Featuring long and thick bristles, you'll notice how much time you’ll be saving whilst creating your masterpieces with each individual hair tool.

Each Foil Me brush has its own unique benefits. Keep reading to find out.



Tone Me

Extra 20% bristles and wider brush head to enable easier and quicker application.


Tint Me

Extra 10% tail comb length enabling better control during application.

20% more bristles than your average tint brush for quicker, easier coverage.

Balayage Me

A paddle and brush in one with longer and thicker bristles hold more product which eliminates the constant strain of going back and forth to the bowl.


Detail Me

A uniquely designed smaller brush head to enable easier application to those intricate and hard to reach hair strands.

An elongated tail comb to ensure quicker sectioning.

Experience the Foil Me difference and create your pieces of art using our signature hair-painting tools with this stunning Knobel Brush Ensemble. Create in comfort with Foil Me's signature grip and embossing on the handles and slumber peacefully knowing you've chosen to create with tools that are not only 100% recyclable, but the striking packaging is too.

Because more is what you deserve with Foil Me.


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