Introducting the Face of Foil Me's 2020 Pink October

It's our pleasure to announce the face of our 2020 Pink October campaign, #TenTillNeverAgain Cassie Lewis of Sassy Styles Hairdressing Boutique. In support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Cassie shares how and why she would like your support and involvement in our 2020 Pink October 2020 campaign.
"One of my closest friends, Jo Bonnet, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of 34, she battled for 2 years before loosing her life. She was passionate about helping others, so it fills my heart that I can help others with awareness for breast cancer in her place.


I miss her everyday."

        "This is my beautiful girl, Jo!"                  "Pink October 2019."

"Other than the fun and laughter we all have during Pink October, what matters is the awareness and funds raised, which help support those fighting breast cancer. We all have someone or know someone who has been impacted by cancer.

I have lost one of the most amazing humans in my life to breast cancer and since then, the passion I have for this has grown, massively! 

Jo was diagnosed at the age of 34 with triple negative breast cancer, which is a cancer that isn't linked to any of the three main hormones that breast cancer is usually linked to. She also had the BRCA1 gene; meaning she had a DNA defect that doesn't repair itself like everybody else's does - so people with the BRCA1 gene are predisposed to getting cancers for this reason. 

When Jo was diagnosed, she became involved in a 24hr cancer walk in Sydney. Her goal was to walk for the full 24hrs but unfortunately, she couldn't get there, although she almost did the first year! 

The money raised from the walk goes to the Cancer Therapy Centre where she, and many others spent most of their time. 

We have now taken over her team known as ' Jo’s Crew.’.

I have 2 salons and we hold a Pink Day in both salons each year, one after another decorating both with bras, balloons and so much more. We hold a huge raffle to raise extra funds for the NBCF, where the salon donates $5-$10 AUD from every client booked throughout October. We have a beautiful vintage coffee van ' Whisk Away Vintage Van, ' owned by Michelle Hill from Trangie, NSW.

After our Pink Days we drive to Sydney that night and prepare for a massive 24hr all-nighter walk! We try and raise as many funds as we can for the Cancer Therapy Centre as well.

This year, my Nonni (Irene Adamson), from Bathurst, NSW has kindly created pink beanies to sell at the walk. However, if the walk is called off due to COVID, we will sell them in the salon and donate the funds raised.

If anything excite me, it's doing things like this! I know Jo would be super proud and would love to be involved helping too. The first Pink Day I hosted with Foil Me ended up in the local newspaper! She was so excited for me! 

She was a person that would be there for anyone and always give the shirt off her back. Her passion was to help others as I hope by telling her story will help others understand the importance to check your body and know your body,

Every year, I do this with pride for my girl, Jo - and I will continue to do so until I'm 96!

Thank you ladies I'm truly grateful for you thinking of me."

Love, Cass xx

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