The Collection That Creates A BUZZ In Your Salon

Foil Me are very excited that The Bee collection is now available again for your foiling pleasure.

Featuring Foil Me’s premium signature embossing, this intricately designed foil has come to fruition from a desire to raise funds and awareness for our most precious link to sustainable civilization…BEES!



Meticulously crafted by, and exclusive to Foil Me and our distributors, the Bee collection took six weeks just in the design process.

Co-owner and Creative Designer, Emily Ciardiello, assiduously hand drew the BEEautiful creation featuring bees, and beehives on a sky blue background, whilst our graphic design genie, Chelsea Winter, expertly brought the illustrations to life, digitally.

“My dream for a few years now has been to help the waning bee population, and I finally found a gap this year in our foil creations where we could create a bee foil to raise funds and awareness for bees. I chose the Wheen Bee Foundation because they have a myriad of projects to ensure the survival of bees and a proven record of funding these projects to completion,” says Emily.

Continuing on with our support from last year, Foil Me are very proud to continue to donate $1.00 from the sale of every box inn The Bee collection to assist Wheen Bee Foundation.

An Australian registered not-for-profit charity, Wheen Bee Foundation promotes awareness of the importance of bees for food security, and funds research that addresses the national and global threat to bees.

Says Emily, “It baffles me that there isn’t more out there helping the little guys! Bees are pollinators and almost 90% of plant species rely on pollinators to reproduce. If they can’t reproduce, we don’t survive.”

The Wheen Bee Foundation CEO, Fiona Chambers, echoes these sentiments stating, “We are delighted to be partnering with Foil Me to strengthen support for bees in Australia. Bees pollinate around one in every three mouthfuls of food we eat. They are also keystone pollinators in the environment underpinning both biodiversity and ecosystem health.The support provided by Foil Me goes directly towards creating healthier bees and bee habitats in Australia". 

Available now, The Bee collection is available in the following sizes:

Help support our hard-working pollinators, and our own food security and the health of our ecosystem, by cultivating a BUZZ in your salon today!

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