Tap into your inner artist with The Canvas foil from Foil Me and JOICO. Available April 1st 2022

For any colourist, there is nothing better than a blank canvas to create works of art in the salon, and now a collaboration between Foil Me and JOICO has embraced this concept with the creation of The Canvas foil.


Featuring our premium signature embossing, this bright, on-trend custom design was specifically painted by Creative Director & Co-Founder, Emily Ciardiello for JOICO and JOICO Ambassador, Carolyn Gahan, and cleverly brought to life and ready to print by our Graphic Design genie, Chelsea Winter.

Inspired by Gahan's fun and strikingly colourful vision, this aptly named foil is sure to entice conversation around colour, design, creativity and the interpretation of art.



Says Emily, “When Carolyn shared her inspiration photos with me, I was extremely excited to begin this project. At first, I played around with a more subdued colour palette and the strokes were very 'straight' and too repetitive, but when I showed it to Carolyn, she wanted more neon colours and random paint strokes. I LOVE a challenge and after a few more renditions, it was exactly what Carolyn and JOICO wanted!”

“It is so imperative to me to not only meet the brief for a custom foil but to also go above expectations, and I think we definitely did that; I'm really glad that Carolyn pushed my artistic skills! There were many ‘firsts’ with this foil which really illustrates how we continue to innovate:

  1.     The first time I used paint on the iPad and had actually composed this style of painting.
  2.     The first time Chelsea had to make something that wasn't a reoccurring pattern into a seamless foil print.
  3.     The first time our manufacturing team used neon paint.
  4.     The first time we were able to create texture on a foil-like a real-life canvas.


The journey to create The Canvas began in 2020, arising from a casual conversation between Kylie McLeod, Marketing Director at Sabre Corporation (JOICO) and Carolyn, whilst Carolyn was colouring Kylie’s hair, using Foil Me foils.

“It was a “wouldn’t it be great’ conversation about a collaboration, and now they are here! The foils are absolutely wonderful; from the box art to the foil itself – one big YES! We, at JOICO, have loved being involved with the evolution of the foil design from the mood board to its final, gorgeous, “paint on canvas” inspired design – it’s exceeded my wildest expectations,” says Kylie.

“The vibrant colours really reflect Carolyn’s fun, creative personality as well as JOICO’s professional bright Color Intensity range. Top it off with the top-notch quality we all know of the Foil Me brand, the experience of working with Foil Me was wonderfully professional, creative and collaborative.”



Says Carolyn, This Foil Me collaboration was a dream come true right from the get-go.  The Foil Me team captured my wildly colourful vision perfectly and made the design process really exciting for me. I'm still pinching myself that we have come up with such a beautiful product together and we can now share it with the world.”

“What stands out the most to me is the bright colours splashed across the foil in a very playful way. The combination of light and dark catches your eye and looks so pretty against any hair colour.” 

Says Emily, “We are absolutely enamoured with The Canvas and very grateful that JOICO chose us to create this collaboration with Carolyn. Working with JOICO was a real pleasure and I know this foil is going to be a huge talking point in the salon and across the globe!”

Available from the 1st April 2022, the show-stopping The Canvas collection is available exclusively through JOICO in Foil Me’s popular Wide size (15cm x 27cm).

Please contact the Joico team on 1300 764 437 and @joicoaustralianz to introduce this artwork into your salon.

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