Retro & Rambunctious: The Pride Collection

Hello, Foil Me lovers!!

Let me ask you something...
Are you feeling proud? Perhaps rambunctious? Or maybe you just need a little more colour in your life? Well...we got you!
On Monday 18th May 2020, we here at Foil Me HQ will be officially releasing The Pride collection - a retro and rambunctious foil featuring the rainbow colours of the Pride flag - in preparation for Pride Month (June). We think you deserve a little something to brighten your studios, salons and your lives, don't you?
Plus, how awesome is it going to be to see that extra special smile on your guest's faces?
AND you'll be supporting a charity whilst joining forces with hairstylists across the world, where you will all be united with the help of The Pride collection!
Deets please!
This fabulous collection is available in the following sizes:
and it features a print of two rainbows touching on a white background. For further info, keep reading to find out the symbolism of this foil and why it was created by our talented Creative Director and co-owner, Emily Ciardiello.


The colourful design of this collection pays homage to the Pride flag of the LQBTQI community by illustrating rainbows with the same colours of the pride flag. Symbolically this is what the colours of the flag mean for the LGBTQI community:



YELLOWSunlight; be yourself instead of hiding in the shadows.

GREEN Nature

BLUE Serenity


We could have just designed a flag using the Pride colours, but we wanted to say more and honour the Pride colours so we adopted the rainbow - an image that not only symbolises joy, radiance and optimism, but also difference in the fact that it is inclusive of many distinct colours.

After choosing the rainbows, we then wanted to denote LOVE because no matter what race, colour, gender, national origin, age, religion, faith, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression a person identifies with, all we need is LOVE, right? So we placed two rainbows to signify touching or “kissing” on a white background - which symbolises peace, so the embracing rainbows feel at ease and at peace to express their love for one another.

Further more, you'll find that in each size, each image is different - concreting the message that it's more than okay to be unique - it is celebrated!

So, ideally, we wanted the foil as a whole to celebrate love, equality, difference and freedom to express oneself. Now, more than ever, during this current pandemic the whole world has lived through, we believe this foil will strongly resonate with many of our Foil Me lovers, uniting us all across the globe. We want to not only bring joy to our Foil Me lovers’ hearts, but optimism and unity too – after all, rainbows are formed while it is raining, yet the sun is still shining.


Foil Me will be donating $1.00 AUD from every foil packet sold from The Pride collection to the LGBTQI charity, ILGA World @ilgaworld 
This is a global organisation developed 42 years ago with 1600 members in over 15 countries. Created to assist those in the LGBTQI community, ILGA World facilitates smaller associations to seek legal advicefight for human rights and decriminalise laws that exist in countries and regions where basic human rights to live freely as a LGBTQI member are criminalised.
The organisation also provides information and research from across the globe for assisting legal services, helping groups access UN mechanisms, treaty bodies, marriage equality and many other services that are not easily accessed.


Want to know more about the history of Pride month? We have provided some details below on how this month came to be, and what it means to the LGBTQI community!!! 



We are thrilled to announce this colourful collection is NOW AVAILABLE!!!! Please click here  to order and tag  foilmefoils  #foilmefoils in your colourful creations!!!

With Love,
The Foil Me team xxxx
*source found from: Bustle

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