October in Review: Let's Take a Look at Your Favourites from Last Month!

Hey there, Movers! As we make our way into November (okay, but seriously – where did October go?!) it's time to dive into your picks for last month!

From our highly anticipated new release, The Starry Night, to our tried-and-true Silver Collection, we've got the inside scoop on what our Movers have been loving throughout the month of October. So, grab a comfy chair, a cup of your favourite brew, and let's talk foils, shall we?

1. The Original
A Mover favourite from the very beginning, it’s no wonder The Original (12.5cm x 27cm) has made its way to the top of our list. Depending on your preference, this versatile foil can be used to achieve a variety of different styles and techniques but was initially intended for short or shoulder length hair, regrowth, and baby lights. Aptly named, The Original was one of our first embossed and pre-cut foils!!

"I love Foil Me’s foils because they’re lightweight and always stay secure. My foils don’t slip out of the hair and I can easily move them around as I need. The different sizes help me get through a service faster, I prefer the original for hairlines and extra wide for the rest of the head. I seriously can’t use any others!" - Alicia Hayes | @alicialovesbalayage
2. The Wide

Love an all-rounder? Well, according to our stats, you do! Widely adored for its versatility and efficiency, The Wide (15cm x 27cm) is one of our most popular styles. Featuring our signature embossing and exclusive foil composition, this Mover favourite is perfect for a variety of techniques, from balayage to traditional hair painting. Allowing you to place several sections of hair on one foil sheet, this salon staple was designed to minimise application and processing time for consistently effortless results.

"I love the texture on the foils & I love the wide style! Helps me cover more surface area in less sections, I also really love the convenience of the pop up box so I don't have to sit there and pre rip my foils before every lightening device!" - Hair by Lynn Ashley 

3. The Starry Night

Inspired by van Gogh’s post-impressionist works, The Starry Night is a haunting reinvention of the coveted original. Since its launch in early October, this eerily beautiful collection has quickly become a favourite for our Movers. A unique take on an iconic design, you guys have been loving this foil for its function and aesthetic – and, because it looks stunning in the hair, too! For those who are yet to experience The Starry Night, this gorgeous collection promises to enchant your guests and elevate your salon.

…I instantly fell in love with The Starry Night collection so much that I immediately ordered a case of them! Not only is Van Gogh my absolute favorite artist of all time but the colors and print on the foils was a ‘have to’ to have for the salon. I love that Foil Me has incorporated art into a tool that we use to create art of our own. I even have had multiple clients take some home with them to keep because they love them so much!" - Kimberly Loomis

4.The Long Wide

Another salon essential, The Long Wide (15cm x 35cm) is just like The Wide… only longer! Created in 2019, this foil was the very first pre-cut hair foil in the world to be 35cm long. Because of this, it has always been popular amongst our Movers; but recently, we’ve noticed an upward trend that’s seen demand skyrocket. It’s not surprising, is it? We always listen to our Movers and are dedicated to understanding your needs, so we can help you create those exquisite long tresses and luxurious balayages that are trending right now!

"Love the foil and no one else does the wide/long size.

Perfect and will never change brands!" - Shannon Andrews

5. The So Serene

We can totally see why our Movers have been loving The So Serene recently. Featuring a gorgeous aquamarine background contrasted by a white hand-drawn leaf design, this collection is just the right balance of bright and tranquil. Pre-cut perfection, this versatile and convenient collection is a must-have addition to any salon.

"Huge shout out to @foilmefoils for upping my foil game. Love the colours and texture of your foil! So easy to use the pre cut and my clients are loving them too! Now that I'm working for myself as a mobile stylist they are the best foil to travel with! Absolutely love it, Thank You!" - hair.by.c 

And there you have it - our monthly favourites have rolled to an end! From the luxurious Silver Collection to our unique hand drawn Designer foils, we're dedicated to making your hair game strong – and how better to do so than to keep you updated on what’s trending? We know that you love to be kept in the know (WYKYK) on what’s trending, so keep an eye out for what’s in the know next month!


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