Explore the Teachings of a Visionary Salon Owner

For the next instalment of our Salon Feature series, we spoke with industry trailblazer and owner of Luxxe Hair Lounge, Lauren Azarnikow. Dedicated visionaries, Lauren and her team specialise in the art of creating low-maintenance, lived-in tresses.

Nestled in the sunny town of Corowa, New South Wales, this self-described 'oasis’ is an absolute paradise for all things hair. Experts in balayage, blondes and everything in between, the talented team at Luxxe are passionate about ensuring they go above and beyond to provide a tailored salon experience for their guests.

Below, Lauren provides us with her tips on how to have a successful and fulfilling life in the salon for her, her team, and her guests:


"Can you tell us about your experience using Foil Me? How have we impacted your salon's services and guests’ overall experience?"

We love the silver collection wide pop-up foil as it helps us to be efficient with our time by having a pre-cut foil ready to use and the size is suitable for most our foiling placements,” says Lauren.

We love that Foil Me has both simple and fun designs, the dimensions of the foil suit our foiling placements and personal preferences and the pop-up option is a time saver.

[Our clients] love the patterned foil as it’s a talking point. Using a great quality product helps us achieve a better result for our client overall.”


"What advice would you give to salon owners to help them grow?"

“Always reach out to the people that inspire you and try new things, always!”


"What do you believe sets your salon apart in today's competitive market?"

“We are a good vibe, bespoke space that is privately located within the town of Corowa, a border town between NSW and VIC. We specialise is long lasting, low maintenance colour and blondes that are custom designed for each client. 

Our customer service and satisfaction are strong and we believe we offer more than just a “hair appointment”, we aim to leave you feeling rejuvenated and aligned both inside and out.”

At the heart of every great hairdresser is the innate ability to exceed expectation. Why is this so important? Put simply, providing exceptional service creates trust and loyalty between stylist and guest, which not only keeps your guests coming back, but also fosters a positive salon environment. Not only is this a concept that Luxxe wholeheartedly understands, but one they’re dedicated to achieving by always going above and beyond for their clients. While their talent speaks for itself, it’s clear that their commitment to providing exceptional customer service that has truly helped them excel as a collective.

Focusing on hair, wellness, and beyond, the team at Luxxe Hair Lounge work tirelessly to make their guests feel rejuvenated after every visit. For those who crave bespoke tresses that evolve with them, this innovative salon is a truly unique and fulfilling experience.

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