Foil Me Feature: Shag Hair

Long Time Foil Me lover, Shag Hair 

Photo cred: @shaghair @belindaxiaillustration

What was your main motive to join this creative industry?

    "I wanted to work in an industry that had branches and with hairdressing, you can be any kind of stylist you want!"

    • In Salon

    • Fashion Week Styling

    • Film

    • Photoshoots

    • Weddings

    • Education

    "The list goes on...! This excited me from the beginning and over the years I’ve tapped into all of these avenues, there are no limits."

    How do you differentiate yourself from other hair artists?

    "Look, I think it’s pretty hard to be different in this day and age, everyone knows you need to put up great images in great lighting and post consistently.. The difference is me really. I’m putting myself out there more and showing my personality, maybe you’ve noticed I’m obsessed with a good outfit and I love to educate... haha! That’s how I want to stand out!"

      "This is also how @shaghair will stand out more moving forward too!"

      What are 3 words to sum up your personal brand? 


        What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

        "I’m OBSESSED with changing hair. I could be with a client for 8 hours (mostly in silence), because I am too zoned in on what’s happening. I love seeing hair lift, I love seeing toners proces,s I LOVE putting that before and after pic next to each other, I love that sense of accomplishment and I love seeing my client in shock and AWE." 

          What type of content do you enjoy sharing on social media? 

          "Transformation videos!! The whole process!"

            Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

            "Renya Xydis! That woman has been in the industry for decades and she is still so innovative! Her creative mind is one that should be celebrated."

              What is one piece of advice you’d tell someone who is just starting out in the industry?

              "HAIRDRESSING IS HARD WORK!!! Work hard, stay back, come in early, learn off your peers, ask to do extra, SOAK IT UP! This is a recipe for an extraordinary career!"

              What is one piece of advice you’d tell your younger self?

              "Stop spending all your money on good times and cute outfits and buy a house!! Haha!!"

              What makes you so successful!

              "My dedication to upskilling my craft and my business partner. Without her support and encouragement, I would have never tried to fulfill my dreams in which I now have. 

                For now... 😉"

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