Join us in Celebrating World Bee Day

On May 20th, we're celebrating the seventh annual World Bee Day, and this year the focus is on the vital role bees play in global food production. This isn't just a day for admiring their fuzzy stripes and sweet honey, it’s an opportunity to raise awareness and create a brighter future for these precious pollinators.

Just as we do all year ‘round, we will be donating $1 from the sale of every packet of The Bee Collection to the Wheen Bee Foundation, an Australian not-for-profit charity that raise funds and promotes awareness about the national and global threat to bees.

"We chose to create The Bee because we wanted to help out the little guys that seem to be forgotten. It's important that we spread awareness about how vital bees are for the ecosystem and our survival, and we were eager to do our bit in helping society and the environment"
- Emily Ciardiello, Foil Me CEO.

Why are bees so important?

Bees help fertilise nearly two-thirds of Australia's crops, ensuring we have delicious food on our plates. Beyond this, they play a pivotal role in regulating climate patterns and purifying air and water to maintain our planet’s vitality and resilience.

But it's not just about us humans – bees also play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity. Without them, many plants wouldn't be able to reproduce, leading to dire consequences for our ecosystems.

While experts believe we could survive in their absence, our diets would be seriously limited. If you thought the ever-increasing price of your coveted morning coffee was bad enough, without bees, this would only get worse – and this is just the beginning!

How can we help to save the bees?

With bee populations declining rapidly, here are some easy ways we can help:

  1. Minimise sprays: pesticides are neurotoxic to bees and can have a devastating impact. Swap out store-bought pesticides riddled with chemicals for natural alternatives. You'll find plenty of easy and cost-effective recipes online!

  2. Cultivate bee-friendly gardens: Bees thrive on diversity, so consider planting an array of flowers in different sizes and shapes to brighten their day and encourage pollination.

  3. Support local beekeepers: By sourcing honey from local beekeepers, you not only enjoy a delicious treat but also help to keep the industry flourishing.

  4. Provide a safe space: Remember, bees need hydration too! Offering a shallow water source can divert them from larger bodies of water like pools or pet bowls. Simply fill a container with water and add some large rocks for the bees to perch on while they quench their thirst.

Without bees, life as we know it would cease to exist; so, this World Bee Day, join us in protecting these gorgeous pollinators. Whether it's planting bee-friendly flowers in your garden, supporting local beekeepers, or spreading the word about why bees are so important, every little bit counts!

Shop The Bee and help support the Wheen Bee Foundation.

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