It's Been Elon Time

Foil Me's Co-owner and Logistics Boss, Iliano Ciardiello tells us where he draws his inspiration from

Where do you draw inspiration from? We asked our co-owner & logistics boss, Iliano Ciardiello this question.


My inspiration comes from people that take massive risks to be better or create something new that makes the planet a better place. 

Elon Musk is definitely my #1, he has risked millions of dollars to build new and better electric cars which emit zero carbon or pollution (while being blisteringly fast!). 

He also began a solar company that installs solar panels, solar roof tiles and solar batteries to help reduce global carbon emissions. 

And if that’s not enough, he builds re-usable, faster and more efficient rockets to get humans and cargo into space and even to land on Mars. Then his technology will help humans transform Mars into a planet where we can live…eventually! 

In doing all this, he is not only rewarded financially but he is making the planet a cleaner and better place. Win-win in my opinion. 

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