It’s all in the Details: what you didn’t know about Foil Me

Passionate about all-things hair? Then you know the importance of having the right tools at your disposal. From foils to brushes and everything in between, your go-to tools can help bridge the gap between ordinary and extraordinary. Here at Foil Me, we work hard to understand your needs to create state of the art hair tools that do just that. How? Let's talk about it!

Durable Packaging

For those of you who struggle to stay in one place, our foils are the perfect travel companion. Whether you’re a globe-trotting educator or a freelance hair artist, our high-quality, durable packaging ensures your foils remain safe and secure during your travels. We know there’s nothing worse than desperately trying to salvage crushed foils, especially while travelling - that’s why we put so much care into our foils and their packaging.

Push-Me Tabs

We know just how finicky (and frustrating) it can be to try and get those last few foils out of the box, especially when you’re ‘in the zone’. That’s why we created our ‘Push Me’ tabs. How do they work? Located at the bottom of each box, simply push the tabs inward to elevate the remaining foils, and voila! Easy and efficient dispensing without the fear of tearing or crumpling – so you can save time and money.

Hand-Drawn, Original Designs

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE trending patterns and colours - but when it comes to designing our own vibrant collections? Well, we like to get a little more imaginative. While trends certainly inspire us, each of our collections are meticulously hand-drawn by our CEO and Co-Owner, Emily, and brought to life by our Graphic Designer, Chelsea; the creative brains behind Foil Me, they work hard to bring our even our wildest ideas to life! Our main intention? To provide a story behind each design whilst giving you the opportunity to create with art - because you are an artist!

A Winning Blend

Want to know what makes our foils so unique? Aside from our bespoke designs, they contain the perfect blend of micron, alloy, and our Foil Me signature embossing. Okay great – but what does this mean, exactly? Durable, high quality and slightly textured, our foils are specifically designed to prevent slipping and tearing for ease of use and exceptional results, every time. For us, it's so much more than just foil - it's about providing you with exceptional tools to elevate your craft.

Innovative Hair Tools

But wait, there's more! Along with our signature foils, we are just as passionate about creating innovative and sustainable hair tools. From our Knobel Brush Collection to our groundbreaking Board, we are constantly working to develop new tools to help simplify your hair game.  The result of thorough research, our hair colouring boards were created from scratch, using 100% recycled plastic. If you want to reduce waste and your environmental impact, while elevating your hair game, then our hair tools are an absolute must try!

So, there you have it – the hidden gems of Foil Me. From sturdy packaging to pop-up tabs, hand-drawn designs, and our unique composition, our mission has always been to provide you with the highest quality tools. Why? Because you deserve more.

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