Introducing our new UAE ambassador, Karl Dawson

Please welcome our new Foil Me ambassador for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Karl Dawson.⁠

Keep on reading to get to know Karl and learn about his hairdressing career.


When you think of fabulous colour and show-stopping hair, it is impossible not to think of Karl Dawson.  A true master of helping his clients shine, Karl has been an expert hairstylist for six years and worked in some of the best salons in London, Paris and Dubai. Considered to be a colour transformation specialist, his talents have ensured that his clients always feel empowered and beautiful. 

Karl’s passion for hairstyling was ignited during one of his first roles in Ireland’s top hair salon.  It was here that he began to develop his skills in colouring, demonstrating such a unique eye that he would go on to win the L’Oréal Colour Trophy in 2019.  Karl continues to be a champion for ‘future-proof’ and ‘lived-in’ hair colour, ensuring that each look will have sparkle and longevity.  His adept work with a range of techniques including foiling, balayage and creative toning have made him the ideal choice for teaching colour education to aspiring stylists.  He is also an advocate for Redken, Malibu C and Foil Me's UAE ambassador and has future plans for his own produce line.   

Now based in the Irish-owned salon Elaine Quinn Hair, Karl is a client favourite, especially when it comes to finding that refreshing style or perfecting a look that will last.  His clients know he will always offer the best advice and that his trend-setting knowledge is on hand when they want to try something different.  As well as sharing his gifts in colouring, he is committed to helping new stylists understand the importance of continuing to hone their skills and that each client deserves bespoke service that enables them to look and feel exceptional.  


What made you want to be a hairdresser?

I was never meant to be a hairdresser to be honest, my passion was with dance for 8 years, that made me feel creative and ambitious. I fell into a weekend job in a small salon and the passion grew rapidly for the hair industry, it reminded of dancing. I then went to work for Ireland’s top salon when it first opened and got to work with the most amazing humans. It’s been a great journey - from training to be a hairstylist to now educating other hairstylists and finding my passion in colour. 


As a hair artist, what is your favourite technique and why?

I love anything that is future proof hair colour. Future proof hair colour to me is something that is endless and will look good in 4/5 months time. I can’t pick a favourite technique because I love foiling, balayage and creative toning. 


What inspires you?

What inspires me is travel and being fancy, I love going to hotels, eating out, Airbnbs and seeing the style of each brand. That’s what motivates - me to be different and constantly educating yourself is the key to standing out, being on trend and up-skilling the next generation. 


What’s one of your greatest achievements in your career?

Most definitely winning the L'Oréal Colour Trophy 2019 and getting to travel and education around the world. 


What’s something you’d still like to achieve in your life or career?

A really good solid branding of a salon and maybe a product line I would love. 


Why have you chosen Foil Me to align with?

I love how much they're a family and they inspire and motivate salons and businesses and give back to the hair industry and other charities. To me that’s really important. I have tried so many brands throughout the years and nothing beats the quality and how they're always inventing their brand has much as their products.


Connect with Karl:

Explore Karl's instagram: @karldawsonhair

Find Karl at Elaine Quinn in Dubai, @elainequinnhair

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