Indulge the Artist Within: Explore The Starry Night

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own an authentic piece of art - maybe a Picasso or a Frida Kahlo to add some pizzazz to your salon? Well, what if we told you that you could enjoy the beauty of a widely adored classic every day, where the love of art is in your hands? 

Well, thankfully, Foil Me has just the painting for you with their new collection: The Starry Night. If you think the name sounds familiar, you’d be right - inspired by van Gogh’s original painting, this striking collection is an homage to the late artists’ poignant works. A reinvention of the original, The Starry Night was illustrated by Emily Ciardiello and brought to life by Graphic Designer, Chelsea Winter.

Representing light in darkness, this collection cleverly portrays how two opposite emotions can exist at once - eerily beautiful, isn’t it? To further convey this sentiment, Emily wanted to incorporate gold accents throughout the foil. Combining mysterious shades of blue, purple, and orange with swirling brushstrokes, The Starry Night is the perfect addition to your salon and just in time for Halloween.  

Now you might be wondering, how did this collection come to be? 

For Foil Me Creative Director, Emily Ciardiello, van Gogh’s brilliantly tragic life has always been a topic of interest, especially being an artist herself. 

“Starry Night has a very special place in my heart. Ever since year 11 in high school, I have been fascinated with van Gogh and his art. Never before had I seen art that showed so much emotion and contrast between each piece of work he did which was a representation of his mental state at the time; sunflowers depicted his happiness and gloomy dark shades illustrated his struggle with depression,” says Emily.  

“So, with this collection I tried to emanate how his paintings make me feel by creating an art gallery on one foil, which in turn represents how we feel about our Foil Me Movers - that they are all artists.” 

So now you know the story behind why we created this intensely emotive foil, what makes it unique… 

As always, like our other collections, The Starry Night features our Foil Me signature embossing and exclusive foil composition for perfect results, every time, but what makes this foil completely distinctive from the other collections of art we have created, is the fact that it has gold swirls and accents in the design – this hasn’t been done before and while initially we were met with resistance from our manufacturing team; exclaiming ‘It can’t be done!,’ Emily persisted to ensure you receive what you deserve: more. 

Available in our two most popular styles, The Original (12.5cm x 27cm) and The Wide (15m x 27cm), this expressive collection provides you the luxury of choice and versatility. 

Art enthusiasts and hairstylists alike - want to add a touch of mystery to this Halloween? Well, The Starry Night is a welcome blend of emotions that is a hauntingly beautiful to way liven up your space while sparking conversation between you and your guest.  

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