Ignite your spiritual soul with the new Haus of Flint Collection

Resonating with opulence and luxury, and designed to specifically emanate the distinct style and vision of Foil Me mover, Dallan Flint - owner of Utah based Haus of Flint salon - Foil Me introduces the Haus Of Flint collection, our most esoteric foil design to date! 



The Haus of Flint is available in three sizes: 

The Haus of Flint (12.5cm x 27cm)

The Haus of Flint – Wide (15cm x 27cm)

The Haus of Flint – Extra Wide (20cm x 40cm)


Taking 12 weeks to design, Foil Me’s resident artists collaborated with House of Flint’s Dallan Flint and his team to create a foil reflecting Haus of Flint’s style and vision, resulting in an inspired combination of metallic gold, black and white with key and inspired design features of tarot cards and a striking snake! 

“The process of partnering with Foil Me to custom-design our foils was surprisingly pleasant and super organised! I didn’t know what to expect but Emily and her team were so organised, informative, patient and kind - it made this first experience so exciting and enjoyable,” says Dallan. 

Foil Me’s Owner & Creative Director, Emily Ciardiello hand drew each element and Graphic Designer, Chelsea Winter infused her formidable graphic design skills into the foil to ensure this masterpiece was ready for printing.   

Says Emily, “This was our most ambitious custom foil to design. Dallan had a specific vision of tarot cards, crystals and a bumble bee (based off of his own bee tattoo), yet we wanted to ensure this foil was not just a copy of what was already out there. Many of the elements are from my own imagination ensuring Dallan’s brief was adhered to, but that they received a foil that was completely original.” 

With the gold outlined snake wrapped around the box, the design cleverly allows the snake’s tail to disappear into the ‘push up tabs’ on the bottom of the box. The simple yet sophisticated colour palette and unique illustrations ensures this foil is ideal for the colourist who appreciates art that comes from the heart and soul.  

“The snake wrapped around the box was definitely the most challenging part of the design,” says Emily. “It took 27 hours for Chelsea and I alone, including watching a YouTube video on how to draw snake scales as I wanted the snake’s skin to be very realistic and detailed; matching the snake up to each part as it joined around the box was so difficult, but we are thrilled with how it turned out!” 

With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Dallan is renowned for his unique creations and the Haus of Flint offers a safe space for the LGBTQI+ and POC communities in Utah. Dallan has also won several awards whilst also being nominated in multiple prestigious global competitions including the Visionary Awards, AIPPs, Contessa Awards and NAHA. 

“To see our Foil Me collaboration come to life, to physically hold the box and admire the quality and design, to feel the foils, work with them and see them in action during a blinding service was so surreal,” says Dallan.  

“What stands out to me during our design process was the openness in achieving my vision. The little details in the design that capture our brand is what made the experience so special. There were a couple of extra goodies that were so extremely thoughtful, it was the cherry on top of this project and I would encourage everyone to work with Emily & the Foil Me team.” 

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