How to Skyrocket your Salon’s Success: the Importance of Visualisation in Achieving your Goals

“Time management is how you plan, organize, and do your tasks and activities in a smart way. ” -  Bryan Clayton, the CEO and co-founder of GreenPal.

Let’s be honest, with the silly season rapidly approaching (seriously, how are there already Christmas decorations for sale) we know you’re going to be flat chat from now until the new year. So, with this in mind, we thought why not bring you some practical and hopefully helpful tips to keep you sane and still smiling until the year’s end! I know it might sound too good to be true, but hear us out…

Have a vision then plan your day, week and/or months to achieve it.

By setting small goals and planning for short-term wins, you can create a clear path forward to achieving a larger goal. Here are three top tips from our CEO, Emily Ciardiello, to ensure you are well on your way to achieving your vision.

  1. Create or write down your yearly vision/goal – this can be in the form a vision board or in your notebook or on an app on your phone. Once you have a vision, then you can set your tasks that you want to achieve into monthly, weekly and daily.

  2. Every week, set yourself a goal that takes you that one step closer to achieving your vision and then every day set yourself micro tasks.

  3. Daily, set a task for yourself to achieve one task that leads into your bigger goal – this may be emailing someone to propose a collaboration or selling one retail product to a guest or even teaching your team member one skill that they haven’t mastered yet – the vision is yours, just make sure your tasks make it come true!

There you have it! By having a vision first, you can then plan and prioritise tasks to make the most of your time while achieving your aspirations.

“Having a plan is the cornerstone of good time management. Without a daily, weekly, or long-term plan, it’s all too easy to veer off course.” - Founder & CEO of Deepwrk, Valeri Gervaziev.

Of course, you’re going to need the tools to help you on your way to improving efficiency and reaching those goals. So, what better than to set you and your team up with the right products to create your masterpieces and improve time management. With their pre-cut design, signature embossing, and unique combination of alloy and micron, Foil Me’s foils are a must for achieving efficient, high-quality results in the salon. From foils to boards, and even brushes, all of our products are meticulously designed to help stylists optimise their output and streamline their work.

The Tone Me Brush

Custom designed by Sheree Knobel and Foil Me, The Tone Me Brush is widely adored for efficient application and seamless results. Featuring dense yet smooth bristles and a larger brush-head, this brush is ideal for root shadowing, as this can be quite a time-consuming process. The Tone Me Brush helps speed-up application and ensure more accurate results, so you can optimise your productivity and your clients can leave feeling oh-so-fabulous!

 A fan favourite, The Silver Collection is our most versatile, with the greatest variety of sizes available. While we do have some Flatter Me in this Collection, it mostly includes our pop-up range; featuring push-up tabs at the bottom of each box for easy and efficient dispensing, you won’t be stuck blindly fishing around the bottom of the foil box any longer!

All in all, time management is highly beneficial for optimising your productivity, both in and out of the salon. Whether it be just for you, or your entire team, careful planning and determination will see your success absolutely skyrocket. So, which tips will you take with you?

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