Honour Barbie in your Salon with all things Fun, Fabulous and Pink


“Do you guys ever think about dying?” - Barbie

Stereotypically, Barbie represents all things fun, fabulous, and pink. The Barbie we grew to adore was perfectly unrealistic in so many ways, from her limitless career potential to her anatomically impossible body structure - but love her we did, and still do.

With the new Barbie movie making waves in the pop-culture stratosphere, it’s clear this love has never waned; in fact, with a refreshing understanding of life and complex social constructs, she is now, if anything, more relatable than ever. From channelling her inner feminist to resisting her own perfectionism, she is very ‘of this time’.

Despite taking a shoeless step into reality, Barbie maintains the feminine façade we all know and love. With Barbiecore aesthetic becoming more and more popular since the film’s release, requests for ‘Barbie blonde’ have also skyrocketed amongst stylists. While this 'trend' is exactly that, we suspect it’s here to stay for quite some time - after all, Barbie’s hair is timeless.

So, Barbie, to answer your question – yes, we do think about dying, but not the kind you're referring to in your existential crisis! In fact, we spend most of our time thinking about the hair dying process and how we can make it as streamlined and fun as possible. Annnnnd, coincidentally, we have combined Barbiecore aesthetic with function to provide our selection of pink so you can honour Barbie in your salon, too:


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