Foil Me Skin Is Here!

Knocking on the beauty world's door - Foil Me SKIN is here!

Are you ready to treat your skin to some serious TLC after a day in the salon with harsh chemicals or constant washing of hands?

We are so excited to now provide you with a skin care cream that will relieve any skin conditions you, your loved ones or your guests may have (scalp included). Plus this cream doubles as a barrier cream for everyday use so you can apply your precious serums on and protect them before applying your makeup or sunscreen.


We know that, especially in the hair industry, skin conditions are something that many suffer from daily, so when the co-founders of Foil Me saw the results of this cream on their eldest son, they knew, like with their foils and brushes, this cream would assist colourists in having a more enjoyable and easier life. 


“Foil Me Skin came to fruition due to our long-term struggle to control our eldest child’s eczema. This skin condition would often become debilitating for our son, and it seemed that no matter what cream, method, or horrific steroid we used, his condition would worsen. In desperation, we were speaking to a friend about our son’s condition, and he mentioned he knew the creator and owner of an incredible cream called Derma Magic.

The owner had formulated a lotion over the past 40 years due to his own issues with psoriasis, so we decided to give a try. Three months later, it helped clear up our son’s eczema dramatically, and only after using it for a few weeks on my face, body, and hands, I was shocked at how smooth (and dare I say it - younger) my skin looked/s! We knew that this cream could help a lot of people in the hair and beauty industry, so we proposed to the founder a collaboration and here we are today! We have a lot of plans to update and expand this range, but for now, take comfort in knowing this cream will help you with your own skin condition/s."

- Emily Ciardiello (Co-Founder and Creative Director of Foil Me)

Foil Me SKIN is vegan, organic, ethically sourced, not tested on animals and made entirely in Australia. For all the details, view Foil Me SKIN here.

We look forward to hearing how Foil Me Skin helps you, because with Foil Me...more is what you deserve.

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