Foil Me Price Adjustment Update

Hello Foil Me Lovers,  this is Ili here, co-owner of Foil Me along with my beautiful wife Emily!  

One of the not-so-good parts of my role as logistics and finance boss of Foil Me is that sometimes I have to make the call to officially increase prices.

This is not something we do often and not something we approach without serious discussion.  In fact, most of our prices have remained the same for about 4 years. Our Originals for example, have remained at $16.90 since 2016 and our Wides have only increased in price once in the last 4 years.

However, the value of the Australian dollar has plummeted and appears to be continuing to go down and our freight and warehouse costs increase every single year.  All these costs Foil Me have absorbed, and we have absorbed them happily and contently.

Today, we have increased prices slightly on only 8 of our 30+ products which means the impact to you and your customers will be minimal.  What it enables us to do however is to continue to support you and the hair industry and also allows us to continue to innovate and improve and help make your lives easier.

So that's what we'll do, we will innovate, create, educate and elevate YOU!





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