Foil Me introduces to you ‘The Wildflower’ collection - custom designed for Cena, owner of the Wildflower Collective.

The Wildflower journey began in early April, when Emily Ciardiello, Co-Owner and Creative Director of Foil Me, received a message from Cena Jordan, owner and stylist of The Wildflower Collective in Nevada, USA. Cena requested that Emily and the Foil Me team to create a custom foil that would not only complement a sanctuary for her art, but that would reflect the wildflower in us all.

Immediately intrigued and impassioned to begin, Emily began roughly designing on Canva.

Together, both women, even though on opposite sides of the globe, kept in close contact via Instagram DM's, to create one of the most beautiful and unique Designer pre-cut foils to date.

Emily researched native North American wildflowers. In consultation with Cena, she decided upon and began sketching the Wild Geranium, Indian Paintbrush and the Douglas Aster.


Emily worked closely with Foil Me's in-house Graphic Designer, Chelsea Winter, who brought the sketches to life with colour. After many renditions and choices of muted colour for the flowers, the final designs were sent to our manufacturer overseas, to create one of the most artisanal foil collections ever created.



For the foil, Emily chose a gorgeous pink sunrise colour, differing from the gold wildflower designed packaging to reflect the joyful surprise that one receives when first sighting a beautiful flower in a deserted landscape. 

She wanted to depict that we are all like the wildflower collection from time to time, where we thrive in a landscape untouched by conformity and constraints of society, where we can be free spirits.

Resonating with luxury only a designer brand can achieve, The Wildflower collection, available in Original, Wide and Extra Wide styles was created by Foil Me for Cena Jordan, owner of the Wildflower Collective, to echo the beauty of design, art and enlightening freedom.
To watch the full story, please view here.

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