Foil Me Feature: Missy Veyret

We chatted with hair health + wellness guru, Missy Veyret

What was your main motive to join this creative industry?

I joined the hairdressing industry when I was 12 years old! I feel like there are plenty of hairstylists out there that also started at such a young age! If I am honest, my first & main motive to join the industry wasn’t actually the “hair” - it was the environment!
At the tender again of 12 a hair salon had the most attractive atmosphere. I was drawn to the everything that makes a salon - a salon. The buzz, the people, the interaction, the music, the ability to make people smile. 

Looking back on it, I am glad that was my motive to join. I guess being so young it was an innocent and natural attraction - and there has never been a day that my interest and attraction was not fulfilled - hence the motive to stay in the industry.
The environment is still probably one of my fav parts of my industry!

How do you differentiate yourself from other hair artists?

It is so interesting because for me, hairdressing is one industry that embraces individuality and difference. It doesn’t breed the same type of person. I love that about it. It really is so broad that is allows the creative to find their own niche. 

For me, I don’t put too much energy into differentiating myself from anyone else because I believe it comes naturally for everyone. If you allow me, I just do me. I really go with what feels right and that is just being totally down to earth with what rocks my boat.
I am uber passionate about internal and external beauty. Both physically & mentally. This being something I am super passionate about - it is easy to get me going about it. Instagram is a great place to reach an audience and share information. 
And YES! I am an Educator. I am very proudly (big grin on face) aligned with ELEVEN Australia and Showpony Professional. Two beautiful Australian companies I feel so morally in sync with!

What are 3 words to sum up your personal brand?

Holistic, Genuine, Relatable. - (Well I bloody well hope so.. That’s the way I feel hehe :) ) 

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

There are so many layers to this! And being completely honest - I genuinely enjoy so much about my day to day. It has always been extremely second nature for me to be in the salon, education, on set or just with other likeminded hair nerds. 
I think given the current climate of the world, I have never loved my professional more than I do now. Being in such a strange time in the world, it has been highlighted how bloody lucky we are to provide some light into our clients dark days. It has given me a whole new breath of air and refreshed my love for our job. 
So from the ability to make people feel their best selves to the ability to be challenging / stimulated every day. 

What type of content do you enjoy sharing on social media? 

So much! I feel like before I would chew the ears off my clients and colleagues about the latest thing I learnt or showing photos of things I have been doing both in salon & just normal life. NOW I get to showcase information, tips, tricks, images, videos and more to a larger targeted audience. It really gets me going to think I may be able to brighten more peoples day then who I have booked in that day.
I love dabbling in a bit of hair transformations, bridal work, hair facts & hacks to everyday Missy madness. It’s a good time on the old gram.

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Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

MY GOODNESS - What a question. 

You know the classics hair wizards of the instagram, Joey Scandizzo, Angelo Seminara, Sam McKnight & My fellow ELEVEN Team…..BUT I would have to also say my clients - Little hourly pockets of inspiration daily!
If I am also very honest - ME! I really only compare myself to me... It keeps me going for more and more! It is a healthy competition that keeps me inspired..

We adore this answer, Missy! The only person you should compare yourself too, is yourself!

What is one piece of advice you’d tell someone who is just starting out in the industry

Well.. What a fun ride you are about to start!

Firstly - welcome. 

Secondly - buckle Up 

& Thirdly - enjoy every moment and learn to become a sponge / always say YES!

What is one piece of advice you’d tell your younger self?

Stay in your own lane.
Make sure you eat something whilst working to not burn out (says every hairdresser ever LOL!), and trust the process.

What makes you so successful? 

The meaning "to be successful" has changed so much over the years. It used to be how many competitions I could WIN, how much I could juggle, how many days I could work or how much money I could make. Now honestly - and as cliche as it sounds, successful means happiness & fulfilment now. SO whatever makes me feel deep down happy & fulfilled is my idea of success. 

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