Foil Me Feature: Angeli Shaw from The Bliss Coach

After spending years refining her skills, Angeli describes herself as a holistic empowerment coach, focusing on not just one, but all aspects of life, to help people achieve their bliss, whatever that may be. Prior to launching ‘The Bliss Coach’, Angeli has spent over 20 years as a hair stylist, 10 of those owning her own salon.

We sat down with Angeli to chat about her business, The Bliss Coach, what motivates her and more!

"The idea of empowering others and lifting them up has always resonated with me from a very young age. I just love people and making them smile, so starting a career in hairdressing felt like an exciting and rewarding move. Working with clients one on one, transforming their look while making them smile, I was living my dream, but little did I know that in my thirties, a career change would be on the horizon.

I remember back in my teens whilst at high school, being asked what I wanted to do as a career. The first thing that entered my mind was psychologist or politician, but the thought of university didn’t appeal, and so I went down the creative path and decided to do hairdressing. Through this choice, I was able to express myself through my work, talk to others and make people feel good. The fact that I could lift people up through the art of hair ticked all boxes for me, and as I progressed from employee to having my own salon, I myself, felt pretty empowered too.

It wasn’t until almost 15 years into my hairdressing career that things began to change. The physical strain of working long hours on my feet was catching up with me and it was becoming apparent that my body couldn’t hold up as good as it used to. Sure, some aches and pains were somewhat standard as a hairdresser, but as the pain intensified and wasn’t settling down, I sought medical advice, and was given a diagnosis that changed my life forever.

Being advised that I had to put down the tools and was needing to step off the salon floor, I went from working in my business to on my business. I took great pride in this role, even investing in a business coach, but deep down I knew working on my business just wasn’t enough for me. How could I continue my passion for empowering others while being off the tools? What do I do now? I found myself with so many questions and seeking answers. So I returned to focusing my purpose and passion - empowering others - and from there my journey to The Bliss Coach began.

Having run The Bliss Coach for almost 4 years now, I pride myself on consistently evolving, learning and growing, whilst helping others grow too, personally and professionally. I’m a certified consciousness coach, crystal and reiki healer, as well as a self-proclaimed head talk strategist, and continually study so I can share my learnings and guide others through their growth. I describe myself as a holistic empowerment coach, focusing on not just one, but all aspects of life, to help people achieve their bliss, whatever that may be. I strongly believe that ‘being positive’ requires more than just saying so, and the more we can understand why we do what do, we can take inspired action and be better equipped to make significant and long-lasting change, something that I’ve implemented in my own life.

Previously living a life of ‘pushing through the fear’ myself, I knew there had to be a better way; a better understanding of where our fears and limiting beliefs come from, the difference between rational and irrational fears, and why today’s ‘positivity’ movement, I believe, is causing more harm than good. There had to be a way not just to move past the fear but remove it all together. On top of my extensive study on consciousness, I became fascinated on the human brain, particularly differences between the male and female brain and how they work. I’ve also delved into epigenetics; a science that proves how trauma, issues and beliefs are passed down through our DNA. As a strong believer that everything is energy, I’ve extended my learnings into energy work, offering healing to others through crystals, reiki and personal readings. My desire to learn continues to grow.

Taking all of my learnings and creating ‘The Bliss Coach’, I’m passionate about improving the quality of life of others through guidance, education and empowerment. I provide this through one on one and group sessions, as well as speaking at various events. What I do isn’t just about getting others to recognise areas that need change but providing them with the tools to make change. I don’t believe in pushing through fear, but rather facing it, working on it, then removing it. When people experience negative emotions, feelings and thoughts, more often than not they tend to get stuck there, and I take great pride in guiding people out of their darkness and into the lighter place. This too applies to my group mentoring, where I guide teams into achieving common goals, discussing challenges, and coming up with solutions. It’s all about getting crystal clear on what you want to achieve, recognising blocks that get in the way and removing them. Much of my work is based on mindset, and while encouraging others to have a growth mindset, I’m able to provide the tools and insight to facilitate their progress.

I’m a great believer that life doesn’t happen to us, but for us, and it is with each occurrence, situation or circumstance that we are presented with an opportunity to grow. We all have the power of choice, not only in what we do, but how we think, and providing others with ways of changing their thinking and directing them towards a more empowered way of living allows me to live out my own purpose, every single day.


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