Emily Ciardiello finalist of The AusMumpreneur Awards in the Business Excellence category

Emily Ciardiello, Co-Founder and CEO of Foil Me has been named as a finalist for the AusMumpreneur Awards in the Business Excellence category.



The AusMumpreneur Awards presented by The Women’s Business School celebrate and recognise Australian Mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and digital innovation. The awards are designed to recognise the growing number of women who successfully balance motherhood and business in a way that suits their life and family.


Emily is delighted to be named as a finalist. Emily's vision for Foil Me is to be the most extraordinary hair industry company in the 21st century, with artistic, sustainable and efficient tools. As trailblazers of the hair industry who prioritise innovation by creating products from scratch, Foil Me will continue to make items that are unique and revolutionary in their design.  


It can be challenging to be a successful business woman whilst raising a family and Emily gives this advice to others thinking about starting their own enterprise.

Instead of giving advice, I want to ask you this question:  

Are you prepared to have times where you forgo and risk relationships with your loved ones because you live and breathe your business?  

I would then advise that to mitigate the extent of the effect of giving up or missing a part of your current life to put in the time needed for your business, that you need to be very disciplined in where your time goes. Invest in your time, don’t spend it and choose carefully who gets to be the person in your life that receives your deposit of time, but be aware of getting yourself into debt – you don’t want to feel guilt. Be honest with the people who you are close to and advise them that there may be times you can’t invest in them immediately when they want you to, but you will later when you can concentrate on them and not rush the time you are investing. Obviously, with young children, you have to take the moments for yourself and your business in between their needs, but as they get older, you can begin to explain to them that you can’t always be there, yet this doesn’t change the fact that you love them and always will. 


Thank you to AusMumpreneur for this finalist nomination. 

For more information on the AusMumpreneur Awards visit: their website here or contact awards@ausmumpreneur.com

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