Embark on a Storytelling Journey with The Jujup Collection

Education is so much more than learning to read and write, memorising a math sum or reciting the periodic table; it’s connection, experience and above all else, love. In our recent collaboration with Contemporary Indigenous Artist, Sarrita King, and the Australian Hairdressing Council, Foil Me explores the heart of education with their new collection, The Jujup.

Much like the art style it honours, this collection paints education through a new lens; told using unique colours and symbols, it explores how people and experiences can influence how we learn and grow. With its vibrant colour pallet of orange, turquoise and pink, The Jujup is just as much a beautiful work of art as it is a storytelling masterpiece.

Looks aside, what does this collection represent?

Indigenous art is widely appreciated for its striking visuals, there’s no doubting that - but the real magic comes from the stories within. Closely translating to ‘beginning’ in Gurindji, this inspiring collection tells a tale of a child who navigates their education journey with the help of strong support systems.

Offering a glimpse into the intention behind her design, Sarrita says “This artwork is all about learning. When I created this image, I put the child right at the centre with smaller people within to represent family. I’ve also included mentors and elders who come into really fostering that spirit of education and the ability to expand and grow.”

As you might know from experience, learning comes in many different forms - whether that be from outside influences, or your own inner voice. In her design, Sarrita touches on the trust, connection and support we foster in our relationships, and how this impacts our growth as individuals.

Says CEO of the AHC, Sandy Chong, “King’s design is really special as it tells a story about the value of family, community and learning where it all begins with the knowledge a child gains early in life.”

So, now you know the meaning behind this collection, let’s explore what it means to us

Having previously worked as a teacher, The Jujup holds a special place in the heart of Foil Me Co-Owner and Creative Director, Emily Ciardiello. With community being a core part of its story, this collection was a way for Emily and the Foil Me team to continue their philanthropic efforts. For this reason, Foil Me has pledged to donate $1 from every box of The Jujup sold to The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) to make education more accessible to remote communities across Australia.

The ILF are Community-led, responding to requests for culturally relevant books, including early learning board books, resources, and programs to support Communities to create and publish their stories in languages of their choice.

“The Jujup collection is very special to me as it involves my love of providing education to children, the hair industry, art, and most importantly, supporting a foundation that actively seeks to improve the lives of indigenous children, as well as their families and community,” says Emily.

From the relationships made to the journeys travelled, the lessons we learn are unique to us yet shared through love. Blending traditional Indigenous symbolism with a bright, modern colour scheme, The Jujup tells a story of learning through unity and human connection. Captivating and thought-provoking, this collection is sure to encourage an air of harmony, in the salon and beyond.

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