Dream of Island Life with ‘The Escape’ Collection

You love your job, there’s no doubting that; but let’s be honest, we all need a break sometimes. Now, finding the time to do so? That’s a challenge in itself. If only there was a way to add some calm to your workday - a way to escape the hustle and bustle, even for a moment…

Well, thanks to Foil Me’s recent collection, finding peace among the chaos has never been easier. Busting to know more? Listen in…

A nod to the Miami Art Deco movement, The Escape features an abstract beachscape that captivates the eye through its curved linework and complimentary use of colour. Radiating dreamy sunset hues of purple and yellow, this vibrant collection will transport you from the salon to the sea faster than you can say, “I need a holiday!”

But like most things, The Escape can’t coast on looks alone – and thankfully, it doesn’t have to. Aside from its uniquely vibrant and abstract form, this collection combines Foil Me’s signature embossing and unique foil composition to make the colouring process a dream.

So why was The Escape created, you ask? Let’s delve a little deeper.

Here at Foil Me, we understand the importance of taking a break; but for many, spontaneously jet-setting across the globe isn’t an option. So, we thought, why not create a foil that allows hairdressers to ‘escape’ without even having to leave the salon – a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and unwind. Just like a smile from a stranger on your morning commute or that sacred first sip of coffee, it’s these simple pleasures that truly feed the soul. Few and far between, everyone deserves to enjoy such moments - and thanks to its captivating design, The Escape allows you to do just that.

Says Co-Owner and Creative Director, Emily Ciardiello, “I truly feel so happy when I look at this foil and I hope our Movers do to. We can all do with a holiday, and this is our way of giving that to our hard-working hairdressers who deserve to feel they can escape to an Island right in their salon.”

Craving a holiday but simply don’t have the time? Wanting to add some serenity to your otherwise busy schedule? Look no further - with its dreamy art deco inspired beach scene, The Escape promises to whisk you away to your dream destination in a heartbeat.

Available in three styles,
The Original (12.5cm x 27cm)
The Wide (15cm x 27cm)
The Long-Wide (15cm x 35cm)


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