Discover Foil Me's Top 6 Foils of November

Hey there, savvy hair artists! The festive season is *almost* in full swing, and you know what that means – it’s officially the busiest time of the year! I don’t know about you, but we always feel a tad conflicted around this time. Why? Because just as much as we’re excited for all the joy it brings, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t feel a bit in-over-our-heads from time to time.

Now I’ve got good news for you all: it’s completely normal to feel that way, and we know just as well as you that the small things make the biggest difference in navigating stressful times. That’s why we’re excited to bring you our top 6 products from November, in hopes you might explore something new to help you through the festive chaos. So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

1. The Wide

Time and again, The Wide (15cm x 27cm) has ranked at the top of our monthly best sellers, cementing its place as a bona fide favourite amongst our Movers. It’s not just your run-of-the-mill foil, it’s a game-changer; featuring our signature embossing and unique foil composition, this foil is your best friend when it comes to balayage and hair painting. Why? Because it’s just that little bit wider for you to fit more sections on one sheet for efficient application and better results, so you’ll be powering through your holiday transformations in no time.

2. The Celebration

What better way to get your guests in the festive spirit than with a Christmas foil? Well, what if we told you we designed a Christmas foil that could be used - wait for it . . . ALL year ‘round! That’s right, our new release isn't just a holiday fling; it's the gift that keeps on giving. Sound too good to be true? Let us explain; featuring swirling lines and silver-lined stars with a modern pink and green colour scheme, The Celebration is the subtle nod to Christmas you didn’t know you needed. Currently available in The Original (12.5cm x 27cm) and Flatter Me - Wide (15cm x 27cm), this commemorative foil is a way for you to embrace the festive spirit without completely changing your salon aesthetic.

3. The Original
A great all-rounder, The Original (12.5cm x 27cm) is every hair artist’s best friend and will have you upping your foil game in no time. Versatile and convenient, this foil is a multitasker at heart and an absolute must-have for those wanting to master various styles and techniques. Whether you’re painting the hairline or foiling short-mid length hair, The Original will have your guests walking away with a spring in their step and the hair of their dreams.

4. The Knobel – Wide

Prefer a sleek, minimalistic vibe for your salon? Look no further than The Knobel. While simple, this pretty in pink collection is so much more than just a pop of colour; it's about setting a tone and creating a sense of allure that captivates your guests and elevates your salon. While the Wide is up there with this month’s top 6 foils, this collection is one of our most prolific designer collections in that it’s available in SO many sizes; from Original to Wide and even Long Wide, there’s truly something for everyone.

5. The Long Wide
The first of its kind to ever grace the world of hairdressing, The Long-Wide was born in 2019. At a generous 35cm in length and 15cm in width, this foil is synonymous with convenience and efficiency. Understandably, it's always been popular with our Movers, as its versatile nature makes it an ideal candidate for creating a dreamy balayage or bringing long tresses to life. Convenient and efficient, this particular foil is another salon essential that will help make your festive season more manageable.

6. The Starry Night

Inspired by van Gogh’s post-impressionist works, The Starry Night combines Foil Me’s signature embossing with swirling brushstrokes and moody hues to bring you a unique take on an a coveted Original. Adored for its unrivalled design and function, this collection is available in The Original (12.5cm x 27cm) and Wide (15cm x 27cm) - both of which been super popular amongst our Movers since their release in early October.

So, if you want to breeze through the festive season (as much as that’s possible) these November favourites will help put some pep in your step and peace in your mind. From our Silver salon must-haves to our vibrant Designer Collections, these foils would make the perfect addition to your salon in the leadup to Christmas. So, as you dive into the holiday rush, remember; it’s the little things that make the stressful times easier – and hopefully, these favourites will do just that!

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