Brushes Lovingly Crafted For You, Our Foil Me Lovers!

Peek into our journey ...

The Knobel Collection, Tone Me, Balayage Me, Tint Me and Detail Me was lovingly created for you, by our Australian Ambassador, Sheree Knobel and Foil Me.
Almost two years ago, Sheree came to us asking if we could design brushes together, that would defy all colorists expectations and make the lives of hairdresser’s easier… which we believe we have done this.
Step into our creative world and follow our journey into the evolution of our collection!

Chapter One.

Sheree Knobel (Bixie Colour owner, Redken educator and ambassador for Foil Me), Emily and Ili Ciardiello (owners of Foil Me), discuss the needs of colourists with emphasis on a specialised toning brush. Ili sources a 3D plastics creator and 3 months later we have our first prototype of the handle.
Next step is to source a factory.


Chapter Two.

After receiving the first prototype from a local Adelaide 3D plastics creator and ‘interviewing’ three factories, we begin testing and trialling different vegan bristles. Once satisfied with the softness and efficiency, we order our first prototype. We then receive our first completed brush and Sheree tests it out – the bristle thickness and placement of the holes are not correct so we redesign the head of the brush and have new samplea made.

Chapter Three.

Emily begins working on the box design and in the meantime, we are provided with examples of the current packaging. While we were not happy with the quality and print of the cardboard, we request a custom sample, which is perfect. The new prototype arrives which Sheree tests - the bristles are perfect and covers the area well, but the handle tip is too round; another redesign and the final prototype is made

Chapter Four.

We request that the dot on the ‘i’ on our logo is coloured and we are informed this will be hand-painted. We choose the colour of the brush and settle on a lighter shade of pink than originally thought. We are sent examples of foil on packaging and decide on the final look. Photos of the brushes are sent to us for approval and we await the delivery of the finished product!!


Chapter Five.

Now it is your story… we know you will enjoy the journey you are about to embark.
With much care and respect. Emily, Ili, Sheree and the Foil Me team. xxxx




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