Beneath the Artistry: an Insight into the Power Couple Behind Kaine Vakai Hair Artistry

This week we sat down with KV Hair Artistry owners, Kaine Vakai and Ayden Hawkins, following the release of ‘The Love Letter’ earlier this week. From styling tips to business advice, industry trends and career highlights, the trailblazing duo open up about the ins-and-outs of salon ownership. Join us as we peel back the layers of their journey, uncovering the moments that led to their success and the lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

What have been your greatest achievement/s during your time as salon owners?

Ayden and Kaine: “We have been blessed to be able to launch our private and public education workshops around Australia and overseas.”

What steps did you take to be able to open your own salon and what previous skills did you acquire that help with running a successful salon?

Ayden and Kaine: “Kaine built up his skill set starting in the world of hair with his Mum, aunty & nan at the age of 15. I had a dominant service and corporate business background which combined with Kaine’s industry knowledge to give us the push to open our first shop.”

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to open their own salon and embark on their entrepreneurial journey?

Ayden and Kaine: “Business is not for the faint hearted; there will be ups and downs, but if you find your passion within the industry it will never feel like work.”

What hair trends are you loving right now, and which could you do without?

Ayden and Kaine: “We love a high impact, dimensional, balayage blonde. It gives our clients longevity, and it looks amazing. We are interested in all styles, so we don’t mind any hair trends at the moment.

We all encounter struggles along the path to success. What obstacles have you overcome to get to where you are today and what advice would you give to those on a similar journey?

Ayden and Kaine: “We've faced a variety of challenges on our journey, as I believe many do. Navigating complex situations and learning from them has been an integral part of my professional growth. We've found that adapting to unexpected circumstances within a team structure and focusing on continuous improvement are key aspects of overcoming obstacles. Our advice to others on a similar journey would be to stay resilient, learn from every experience, and create a proactive mindset to address challenges effectively.”

What are your go-to foiling tips for achieving effortless results?

Ayden and Kaine: “To not over-foil!!!”

How long have you been using Foil Me, and why have you stayed with us for as long as you have?

Ayden and Kaine: “We have been a Foil Me salon since we opened our first salon. Foil Me is a company that aligns with our values as a business; their service and care are second to none. Of course, most importantly, it’s a quality product that elevates your work and adds a luxurious touch to our client’s hair experience.

What is your favourite Foil Me product/foil and why do you love it?

Ayden and Kaine: “Without a doubt, the Foil Me Extra Wide. It is incredible for balayage services. You can capture more hair, reducing time and foil usage.”

What inspired you to collaborate with Foil Me to create your own collection, 'The Love Letter', and what has been your highlight of this experience?

Ayden and Kaine: “More than just being inspired, it was one of our big dreams and goals to create an incredible foil that would be recognized globally alongside our individual brand. The experience of creating this collection has been amazing - the team are so personal, patient with our businesses, really pleasant and caring, and you could feel that no decision was made unless everything was 100% clear on our end. It's been so great, and we hope to revisit a new vision in the future with Foil Me.”

Let’s be honest - we’d be lying if we said we weren’t equally as thrilled to have the opportunity to create 'The Love Letter' with these gorgeous humans! From launching education workshops across the world, to pioneering the latest trends, Kaine and Ayden have paved the way for a new age of hair artistry. We can’t wait to see where else their journey takes them!

P.s. If you haven't already seen 'The Love Letter', click here to explore the collection and prepare to fall in love!

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