Words of Wisdom from our Canadian Ambassador, Tressa Yanchuk

Hey, Mover! That’s right, we’re back with our second instalment of our Ambassador Series, where we get the lowdown on our beloved ambassadors’ favourite tips and tricks. This time, we had the absolute pleasure of speaking with our Canadian ambassador, Tressa Yanchuk, who has been with us since 2018. On the hunt for some tips that’ll lift your colouring game and your mood all at once? We’ve got you covered! Alright, enough rambling – let’s jump in…
"What’s your absolute favourite foiling technique and what makes it your top pick?"
“My favourite foiling technique has to be a babylight and foilyage combination! I love hairline detailing, and it’s become one of my specialties. The combination of a foilyage and babylights gives such a beautiful blend and coverage for blonding transformations!”
"Are there any hair colouring trends right now that you’re particularly loving?"
“I have to say I am LOVING the reds and warm blondes. I would normally have considered myself a blonding specialist, but now it feels like I’m a red specialist! Many of my blonde clients are asking for strawberry blondes, copper hints or just ready to commit fully to red. Some are starting slowly, by changing up their toner or adding some copper lowlights, while some are ready for a drastic change. I am loving it!”
"Could you share a memorable moment where this technique or trend has made a big impact on you or your client?"
“Absolutely! I can think of three of my client's that have gone strawberry or red, and said they’ve never felt MORE like themselves. Constantly getting compliments on their hair, seeing how the color change has complimented their skin tone, and feeling so confident! Just all around feeling so good about themselves. It feels incredible to be able to give that to them.”
"What advice would you give to fellow stylists who want to nail this technique?"
1. Practice makes Perfect
“Warmth can seem scary to new stylists - it did to me. I felt comfortable with ashy toners but formulating warmer tones was so tricky. The only way I got better at it was practice! (Shocking I know 🤣). I spent a while swatching all my toner shades to see how they looked and created a little shades eq swatch booklet at the salon to refer to. I had amazing clients who let me try different formulas and gained lots of insight that way.”
2. Take on Models
“Take on models. I still will take a model on a day off to try something I am unfamiliar with. You’re never too experienced to stop taking on models!”
3. Source Education
“Lots of stylists have subscription options (myself included) on their socials, or online courses / classes which dive into techniques and formulations!” 
"What Foil Me hair tools do you recommend for helping master this technique?"
“Personally, I’m a huge fan of all of Foil Me’s foils! Extra Wides are incredible for saving time and doing larger sections. Wides I use mostly for my highlights and lowlights, and recently I have been getting into using The Foil Me Board! The curved edge fits the curve of the head, the width is ideal, and the texture is amazing!”
…did you know?
Oh, and did you know we collaborated with Tressa on a custom foil? That’s right - The Tressa Collection, known for its gorgeous periwinkle hue and white bobby-pin design, was created back in 2020!  Explore The Tressa Collection here.

From hairdresser to educator, Foil Me ambassador and custom foil collaborator, Tressa truly is a force to be reckoned with. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of watching Tressa kick goals and push herself to get where she is now. Whether it’s blonding, balayage, or even her more recent exploration with reds and coppers, Tressa really is a master of her craft. We hope this little peek into Tressa’s mind has been insightful and until next time, happy styling!

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