Hello Foil Me Community!

We hope you are well?!

It’s been another exciting month at Foil Me and we cannot wait to give you all the low-down! 
We firstly want to say a huge THANK YOU for your continued loyal support of Foil Me! We LOVE the relationships we’ve built with you and couldn’t be more grateful for all the wonderful creations you share with us on social media, along with your sweet phone calls, dms, and emails! From us to you, we’re sending big virtual hugs!!! ❤️
So.. What's Been Happening?
If you’ve been keeping up with the latest Foil Me trends, then you may be aware the past weeks have been filled with EXCITEMENT (but really, when aren't they)?!
From our highly anticipated gold and cacti print, The Desert Lounge, foil re-release, to the unveiling of our BRAND NEW collection, The Long - it is definitely 'all systems go' at Foil ME HQ and we couldn’t feel more thrilled for what the remainder of this year has in store for Foil Me and our community!
The Long Collection
Perfect for all your long haired babes and balayaging!!
The first ever 35cm pre-cut foil in the world!!! Yes, this is a HUGE deal! You listened and we created!! We knew how much so many of our lovers desired a longer pre-cut foil and so we made your desires a reality!! Made with your feedback in mind, we cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this brand new foiling size! 

Have you spotted anything else NEW about this foil…? This new collection marks the release of our brand new foil style – everything you love about Foil Me foils, in a fresh new design to sit extra sleek and pretty on your trolley! 

Yet to try this collection? The Long foils are perfect for all your long hair babes!!
The Desert Lounge
Foil Me favourite, our luxe gold and cacti-print foils were created with our USA Foil Me ambassador, Evan Stowers of The Desert Lounge Salon in Utah – this is a foil you’ll want to stock up on in your salon and is an absolute crowd favourite 
(for both you AND your guests!)

From offering your salon a unique point of difference to the first cacti-design foil in the world, these foils look absolutely gorgeous in your Instagram processing pics!
#DoItForTheGram 😉 

We are sorry to say that these funky foils are now sold out, but don't worry lovers, we know how much of a favourite these are, so keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon in late August!
Foil Me TV
You know we love seeing all your incredible hair creations and fabulous foiling techniques… but did you know we love it SO MUCH that we started thinking about how we could possibly share and support YOU even more?! Well, our brainstorming led us to tap into a brand-new platform to share even MORE with you...and we have created a Foil Me YouTube channel!!
Although we already had one, it wasn't being utilised very well so we have updated it and we are adding to it frequently!!
So lovers, we hope you love it and find it useful - we are over the moon that we can now further our support for you all and share the incredible hair techniques and education this wonderful industry has to offer!
If you're interested in sharing tips and tricks to our Foil Me community, please contact us!
Wise Up in Pink

​Foil Me's 'Pink October' fundraiser in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation is on again!
Giving Back
Why are WE Helping the NBCF in Particular?
With the success of our pastel pink foil, The Knobel (named after Sheree Knobel) collection and the fast growth Foil Me was achieving, Emily Ciardiello (co-owner and Creative Director of Foil Me) decided that the foils popularity could be used to give back by donating $1 from every box sold in the month of October to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

But, Emily didn’t want to stop there, she thought if we could involve the whole hair industry and have a month or a day particularly dedicated to raising funds and awareness, then that would be even more effective in helping the NBCF achieve their goal of #zerodeathsby2030. Thus, Pink October was born. 
Pink October fundraiser in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation
This year we have also teamed up with Chloe, owner of Scrunchie Scrunch, where she has donated 1000 pink scrunchies for us all!! You will each receive ten of these pretty pink accessories, plus a NBCF donation box and balloons to assist with raffles, awareness and your fundraising! 
We are also offering a PRIZE of two cartons (24 packets) of our The Knobel collection PLUS a secret product that we have been working on for two years for the best salon/business spirit that we see via posts and Instastories on Instagram or Facebook for Pink Day in particular. There will also be runner up prizes.
How Can You Help?
 You can participate in our Wise Up in Pink campaign where specifically on Friday 18th October we will have a day dedicated to raising as much awareness, funds and support for the NBCF as possible!! You can do this by holding fundraisers, offering pink toners and dressing your salon and yourselves with all things PINK and then flood social media with photos and stories from your day!! 

Feel free to get pretty-in-pink for a day, a week, or all month long!! During this time, you can also run raffles, have door prizes, contact your local media and offer pink toners to your clients to raise funds! 
And of course, seeing as we love to constantly create and innovate, we thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to release a brand new EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED EDITION foil!!! The BCR is especially created with love for our 2019 ‘Pink October’ in support of the NBCF. We just had to take the opportunity to raise even more awareness and funds for the NBCF and seeing a foil with pink and white ribbons on it is a pretty sure fire way to add awareness and remind the beautiful people in our lives to get regular check ups, don’t ignore anything that just doesn’t feel right and be proactive with your health.
Please note:

You are more than welcome to register with us to get involved at any stage, up to and including in, October; however, please note that the closing date for registering your involvement, if you’d like us to send you Pink October goodies, is on Monday 23 September 2019. This is so we can have time to send out your Pink October goodies, including a donation box and scrunchies from @scrunchiescrunch!
For more information and ideas on what you can do and to register, please visit our website link here and join our event on Facebook below!
2019 Telstra Business Awards Finalist

We’re so humbled, and proud-as-punch, to announce that we are in the finals for the Telstra Business of the Year Awards!! 😍

After going through a very grueling ruling process (3 stages of filling out forms, answering very in depth questions on: vision and strategy, customers & marketing, operations, people & culture, social responsibility, financial acumen, creating a video on our business, having a photo shoot and then an on-site interview with two #TelstraBizAwards judges), we have made it to the FINALS!! Woo hoo!! 

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your support over the last 5 years - this wouldn’t mean anything to us if it wasn’t for you!

Now the biggest question is...what to wear to the awards dinner on the 12th September?!
Stay tuned for pics from the event!
June Trends
1. Original
2. Wide
3. Flatter Me Wide
4. The Knobel Wide
5. The Foxy Wide
6. Grip Me Short
Well, lovers! That’s another month’s wrap up for you! We can’t wait to speak with you all again soon! 

 As always, if you have any enquiries, please contact us however is most convenient for you. Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

With Love, 
- The Foil Me Family 

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