The Butterfly Collection by Foil Me | Hair Biz Year 18 Issue 3

A fitting homage to the hairdressing industry, Foil Me celebrates the creative and personal journey of a hairdresser through the meaningful beauty of their latest collection release - The Butterfly.

Illustrated by Foil Me's Co-founder and Creative Director, Emily Ciardiello, the collection poetically depicts the stages of a butterfly's life cycle, enhanced by a symphony of vibrant chartreuse, blue and green hues, and a backdrop of tree branches, all combining to bring the foil and butterfly to life!

A portrait of where our hairdressers begin and the limitless opportunities that await them, The Butterfly is a metaphor of the journey from apprentice (caterpillar), to budding artist (cocoon) and finally, to senior artist (butterfly).

This vivid foil features Foil Me's signature embossing and exclusive foil composition to ensure an effortless application and desirable result every time.

Originally published in Hair Biz Magazine, May 2024

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