Love is in the air with 'The Love Letter' from Foil Me | Hair Biz Magazine

Fill your salon with the meaning of love and powerful affirmations with the latest inspirational and heartfelt foil from Foil Me The Love Letter created in collaboration with Kaine Vakai and Ayden Hawkins of Kaine Vakai Hair Artistry. Just ahead of their own nuptials, "The Love Letter' is a physical representation of the love Kaine & Ayden share for each other and the hair industry, illustrated and designed by Foil Me's CEO and Creative Director, Emily Ciardiello, and brought to life by Graphic Designer, Chelsea Winter. This love has been beautifully manifested into two alternating designs in each box one adorned in a luxurious illustrated pink marble, and the other featuring hand- written affirmations to motivate and inspire the artist within. Each element on the foil has been meticulously considered in its meaning and design.

Originally published in Hair Biz Magazine, March 2024

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