Introducing She/Her/Fox, The Board | Hairbiz Year 17, Issue 2

Originally published in Hairbiz Year 17, Issue 2

She/Her/Fox by Foil Me

Introducing She/Her/Fox: a collaboration with Mia De Vries of The Secret Fox Education and The Fox and The Hair, this innovative foil pays homage to the beloved fox through its intricate linework. Chic with a touch of mystique, this lustrous copper foil was illustrated by Saphody Thompson and brought to life on the foil and packing by Foil Me's graphic designer, Chelsea Winter. 

She/Her/Fox was born from Mia's desire to create a foil that she could gift through her online platform. The resulting product? An artfully curated collection that blends the best of current trends with unique line are and an iridescent finish.

Beyond its beautiful design intricacies, She/Her/Fox combines Foil Me's signature embossing and exclusive foil composition to ensure effortless application and optimal results. Ideal for those who prefer a flat foil, the gorgeous collection is exclusively available in The Flatter Me - Wide style (15cm x 27cm) and features a 2cm foil for ease and convenience. 

Perfectly encapsulating femininity and creative expression, She/Her/Fox is sure to elicit an air of tranquillity between you and your guest. Innovative and on trend, this collaborative foil is a must-have addition to your salon. 

The Board by Foil Me

With sustainability being a primary consideration, Foil Me is delighted to introduce a board that is entirely fashioned for recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable - the first of its kind!

Adorned with Foil Me's exclusive signature embossing, with works to grip the foil and prevent slipping, this innovative tool ensures an even application, every time. And, for hairdressers who prefer painting a smooth surface, The Board  can be easily flipped over to suit their preference. Intelligently crafted, The Board also features one straight edge and another slightly curved. Built with flexibility in mind, this light-weight tool perfectly conforms to any contour to enhance comfort and reduce the risk of RSI. 

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