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By Shannon Guss (Gaitz)

Originally posted on, March 2023


Two major hair pioneers, Foil Me and JOICO, are teaming up again to revive The Canvas Foil, which was exclusively available in a matte finish but now has a shiny counterpart as well.

The foil features Foil Me’s premium signature embossing in a bright, trendy custom design that was specifically painted by the brand’s Creative Director and Co-Founder, Emily Ciardiello, and JOICO Ambassador, Carolyn Gahan, with graphic design by Chelsea Winter. The product was first released a year ago, as inspired by Carolyn’s bold personality and creative vision.

“When Carolyn shared her inspiration photos with me, I was extremely excited to begin this project. At first, I played around with a more subdued colour palette and the strokes were very straight and too repetitive. When I showed it to Carolyn, she wanted more neon colours and random paint strokes. I love a challenge and after a few more renditions, it was exactly what Carolyn and JOICO wanted,” Emily said.

“I’m really excited to release this collection again because we have given our Movers a choice to select what texture suits them – shiny or matte – which we haven’t done before,” she added.
“Also, it’s awesome that our Movers can now access The Canvas from us as well as Joico this time around – I can’t wait to see it in all of the creations out there!”

The collaboration discussion began between Carolyn and Kylie McLeod, Marketing Director at Sabre Haircare (JOICO), due to their love of Foil Me foils.

“The foils are absolutely wonderful, from the box art to the foil itself. We, at JOICO, have loved being involved with the evolution of the foil design from the mood board to its final, gorgeous, ‘paint on canvas’ inspired design – it’s exceeded my wildest expectations,” Kylie said.

“The vibrant colours really reflect Carolyn’s fun, creative personality as well as JOICO’s professional bright Color Intensity range. Top it off with the top-notch quality we all know of the Foil Me brand, the experience of working with Foil Me was wonderfully professional, creative and collaborative.”

The Canvas foils are available in Wide sizes now in both Shiny and Matte options, as available through Foil Me, JOICO and selected Distributors in Australia and New Zealand.

“This Foil Me collaboration was a dream come true right from the g-t go,” Carolyn said. “The Foil Me team captured my wildly colourful vision perfectly and made the design process really exciting for me. What stands out the most to me is the bright colors splashed across the foil in a very playful way. The combination of light and dark catches your eye and looks so pretty against any hair colour.”

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