The Bee - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)
The Bee - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)
The Bee - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)
The Bee - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)
The Bee - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)
The Bee - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)
The Bee - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)
The Bee - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)
The Bee - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)

The Bee - Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 500 Sheets - 15cm x 27cm)

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Featuring our premium Foil Me signature embossing, this intricately designed foil took six weeks for our Co-owner and Creative Director, Emily Ciardiello, and our Graphic Design Genie, Chelsea Winter, to create.

We wanted to bring to you a work of art for your salon to raise funds and awareness for our most precious link to sustainable civilization…bees; perfect for creating a buzz in salon.

$1.00 from the sale of every box will be donated to assist The Wheen Bee Foundation. This is an Australian registered not-for-profit charity that promotes awareness of the importance of bees for food security, and funds research that addresses the national and global threats to bees.

The Foil Me Difference - our foils are designed with unique features where you will:

  • Minimise time, conserve product and improve efficiency with the signature embossing, our most popular sized bee and sky designed pre-cut foil sheets and the convenient 'tissue-box' dispensing.
  • Love your work; a guaranteed conversation starter, this foil is a work of art that has been meticulously detailed so you and your guest can enjoy the foiling process even more, whilst raising awareness about the conservation of bees.
  • Ensure beautiful results and effortless application with our unique and exclusive foil composition.
  • Enjoy an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious packaging design that suits any salon décor.
  • Slumber peacefully knowing you've chosen to create with tools where the foil and packaging are not only 100% recyclable, but the foil is made from a percentage of recycled aluminium too.

*Please note all orders are final. If you wish to return or exchange your order due to change of mind, additional charges may apply. Contact us on for further details*

Product Specifications:

  • Bees and bee hive with sky background design
  • Embossed and pre-cut foil
  • Push Me tabs on the bottom of the box
  • 15cm X 27cm
  • 500 sheets

All Foil Me orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Adelaide and sent nationally and internationally. Orders that are received before midday (local Adelaide time) are dispatched the same day.

Orders received after midday (ACST) are dispatched the next day.

We use Border Express and Australia Post for our orders. Please allow 1-4 business days for Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and 4-5 business days for other capital cities. For our Foil Me Movers living in country areas, please allow 5-6 business days.

Express Post is available for small orders - you will receive this option during the checkout process.

Dispatch rates:


    • SA
      $10.85 for up to a carton
      $13.90 for up to a carton

    • VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS
      $14.90 for up to a carton

    • NT, WA, QLD
      $19.90 for a carton
      $15.90 up to two packets

    • $9.00 per additional cartons (for each state)

    • New Zealand
      $18.90 for up to a carton
      $15.90 for sample packs
      $32.90 for 2 cartons
      $12.90 for additional cartons


    • Australia 

    • New Zealand

    • When ordered with any Foil Me’s foils, brushes are included with no extra shipping fee.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Hair by Monique Maguire
      They are the only foils that grip bleach and stop from slipping!

      I always get so many compliments [from my clients] on my foils saying it makes their day more enjoyable. They are the only foils that grip bleach and stop from slipping.

      Courtney Tait / Beauhairbycourtney
      They made a huge difference!

      Being completely honest I never understood why proper hairdressing foil was a thing, I thought foils foil what can be so good about it for the extra cost when we only throw it out at the end of the day, I guess because I always learnt and only knew about the typical caters foil. I gave it a try as I now work on my own so 1. don't have an assistant to help pass foil up to me. 2. The foil kept sticking and I ended up making a mess of my trolley. lts all extra time for me to rip it when I could just make my life easier and have it pre ripped.

      I brought a box off a friend who also uses your foil and loves it, and instantly I was sold, firstly my client thought it was the coolest thing having fancy cactus foil in her hair, was definitely a topic of conversation! and she also said once I was taking them out that she had O pulling or pain, as usually foil hurts when removing and catches on little hairs. I found they grip so much better which eliminates bleeding, great for when colouring around the foils as they're very much locked in place. They made a huge difference to my mess I usually make lol. and were so so easy.

      Not only does it raise funds and Bee Awareness, but they look so cool.

      We love our Foil Me foils especially the new 'Bee Collection'. Not only does it raise funds and Bee Awareness, but they look so cool. Our clients love seeing what new foils we will be using on them every time a new collection is released. We are a huge fan of the Foil Me Team. Our orders are fast and our orders personalised plus the quality is A+. Thank you Foil Me.

      Evan Stowers, Owner/Founder of The Desert Lounge Salon
      I absolutely love the bee design!

      I absolutely love the bee design, the colors are so vibrant and stunning. Everything that Emily designs turns out beautifully. Our clients even comment on how lovely the blues in the foil are and how you can still see a lot of the beautiful design even folded :)
      I also appreciate the time it takes to research different causes and donate to them. It makes me feel good about backing a brand that invests in others.

      Amber Raine Duggan
      They truly do think of EVERYTHING

      Firstly I love that it's never just about the foils with Foil Me. They truly do think of EVERYTHING. Even the little guys. They pay attention to detail AND what matters!

      They care about things like sustainability, that each design starts out hand drawn and enhanced by the team, they donate $1 to a non-profit organisation dedicated to everything bees, The Wheen Bee foundation. Plus they're home grown Aussies taking the damn world by foil storm!!!

      When I use any of my foils on my clients, they notice. The best part? It starts conversations about the things that really matter in our world.