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Hey there, savvy colourists! At Foil Me, we understand you need the right tools to bring your unique visions to life. Whether you’re diving into the latest trends or perfecting timeless techniques, we have just the thing for you - from brushes to foils and everything in between. Curious to know more? Then join us as we explore how our innovative hair tools can help you elevate what you already know about the your go-to trends and techniques.

The Technique: Scandi Hairline

Refreshing and bright, the coveted Scandi Hairline has been making waves in the hairdressing world for its subtle allure. While I’m sure you know how to emulate this trend, we do have some suggestions as to what tools can help you achieve this sought after look!

What we recommend:

The Short

Our go-to when it comes to achieving flawless hairline highlights, The Short (12.5cm x 20cm) are our smallest pre-cut foil - and you know what they say, bigger isn’t always better, especially when working so close to the hairline. Because of this, these foils are the ideal size for achieving precise, defined highlights along with maintaining a perfect blend of control and flexibility.

The Original

The Short’s slightly longer counterpart, The Original (12.5cm x 27cm), is ideal for Scandi Hairlines as its lightweight yet sturdy design allows stylists to work with confidence, ease and precision. Not to mention, their versatility and convenience have earned them the title of one of our most popular foils!

Detail Me

Unique and innovative, this brush features an elongated tail comb which helps to achieve precise, intricate colour placement. Arguably the most important tool for perfecting this technique, the Detail Me brush is adored for its long, thick bristles that help to seamlessly blend colour.

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The Technique: Balayage and Hair Painting

Known for their effortless blends and natural, sun-kissed appeal, balayage and hair painting have become staple techniques in hairdressing over the years; and I’m sure you know just as well as we do that there is no ‘one’ way to achieve them. Whether it be basin balayage or hand-painting, we have just what you need to take your hair painting game to the next level…

What we recommend:

The Long Wide

The Long Wide is your secret weapon when it comes to achieving the perfect balayage. As the name suggests, their longer and wider size makes them ideal for achieving the perfect results in less time, meaning you can streamline the colouring process while maintaining high quality results.

Balayage Me

Want to master the art of balayage and hair painting? With its long thick bristles and a comfortable grip, the Balayage Me was quite literally MADE for these techniques! Custom designed by the brilliant Sheree Knobel in collaboration with Foil Me, this innovative brush is your go-to for achieving beautiful blends.

The Board

Let’s be honest, balayage and hair painting are some of the most time-consuming techniques out there. Thankfully, The Board is perfect for helping minimise the toll that hours of painting can take; with its ergonomic, flexible design, this tool minimises strain during the application process while providing flawless results, every time.

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The Technique: Traditional Highlights

This tried-and-true technique has been beautifying locks for years, and it’s easy to see why! Whether it’s to brighten up the hair, add a touch of dimension, or opt for a bolder change, traditional highlights are the key! Although the technique speaks for itself, we think these tools will only further elevate your highlighting game…

What we recommend:

The Original

The Original is fantastic for creating traditional highlights; wide enough to hold generous sections of hair while maintaining precision and control over the colour placement - it's the best of both worlds. The result? Even, consistent, and eye-catching highlights that create an overall dimensional colour.

Tint Me

Looking for a specialised tool to help refine your highlighting technique? Well, you’re in luck! Precise and adaptable, the Tint Me brush promises seamless gradients, fine detailing, and an overall even application. Versatile in its design, this brush is wider than your typical tint brush, ensuring efficient and quality results.

Tone Me

Our widest brush, the Tone Me allows you to save time and product, ensuring consistent results and minimising demarcation lines. Despite its width, the Tone Me still provides a level of accuracy and control that is ideal for root shadowing and other dimensional colour techniques.

The Board

By providing a stable and flat surface for you to create your art, The Board is great for ensuring even product distribution for precise, well-defined highlights. And, as you know, The Board isn’t just a highlighting tool, but can be used to achieve a variety of different trends and techniques – so it’s a great investment no matter the technique.

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