The Scandi Hairline: What is it and How Can You Master it?

Traditional face framing highlights and money pieces have been front and centre for the past few years, and we totally can see why; bold and daring, they completely transform the hair with minimal work or damage – what’s not to love? While our appreciation for these techniques remains, there’s a new approach to face framing that has been making waves for its subtle allure.

So, what’s this elusive trend we’re talking about?

The Scandi Hairline mimics the bright baby hairs that most natural blondes are lucky enough to be blessed with during summer. While this technique gained traction earlier this year, it’s been a go-to for seasoned hairdressers for quite some time. Hairdresser Cole Croxford says this effortless technique is a great way to achieve that desirable ‘natural glow’.

“The Scandi Hairline exaggerates the way that natural blonde hair is often lighter at the hairline. The look is created with a combination of face framing highlights and on-scalp lightening techniques to produce a luminous glow that lasts well until the next colour service due to the slow-growing nature of the fine hair,” says Cole.

Widely adored for its power in transforming the hairline into beautifully sun kissed locks, this recent increase in popularity should come as no surprise. So, how do we create the perfect Scandi Hairline?

Like most hairstyles, it all boils down to two crucial factors: technique and tools.


According to Cole, this trend is all about refining your technique by working with the hair, not against it:

Step 1: “Apply highlights or balayage as usual, focusing on lightening (almost) all the way to the scalp at the hairline.”

Step 2: When the highlights have been rinsed but not yet toned, separate the baby-fine hairs around the face from the rest of the hair.”

Step 3: “Apply Foil Me Skin cream or Foil Me - The Short (12.15cm by 20cm) along the hairline and forehead of the client to protect their delicate skin.”

Step 4: “Carefully apply lightener to the fine hairs from the scalp to where the highlights start using the Detail Me Brush for complete control and precision.”

Step 5: “Set a timer for up to 30 minutes and allow to process, rinse and apply toner.”


Now, I’m sure most of you have your technique down, but skillset aside, the right tools are super helpful at enhancing the quality and efficiency of your work. Want to master the art of Scandi Hairlines? We’ve got just the thing…

The Detail Me Brush

Foil Me's Germany Distributor and Head of Education for Addicted to Balayage, Fabian Maier, swears by The Detail Me Brush, particularly for precision work: “It’s perfect for detail work such as root shadowing and the face frame, [because it provides] maximum control when applying product."
Thanks to its small brush head, elongated tail comb and lightweight material, The Detail Me Brush helps create an effortlessly precise and seamless result, every time!

Foil Me SKIN

Our coveted Foil Me SKIN is a dual-purpose cream that works to protect and soothe the skin during and after the colouring process. Not only is it a game changer for scalp care, but it’s also perfect for protecting the skin around the hairline, especially when bleaching those Scandi baby hairs! Simply apply a thin layer of Foil Me SKIN underneath the hair line before going in with bleach and you’re good to go.

You can also apply this gorgeous cream on the scalp after bleaching to soothe and revitalise the guest’s sensitive skin. Simply leave it on for 10 minutes as part of a treatment and rinse and style as usual. Vegan, organic and ethically sourced, this dream cream is an absolute must for keeping your guest feeling and looking fantabulous!

Bright and effective, this technique is a valuable addition to your repertoire. And, with the right tools and technique, you’ll be on the right track to mastering the Scandi Hairline in no time – if you haven’t already, of course!

Tag @foilmefoils to show us your application methods using Foil Me Skin and the Detail Me brush – we’d love to share with The Foil Me Movement.


As always, take care and remember, with Foil Me, more is what you deserve. 

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