The Foil Me Custom Foil Process

Working with Foil Me to create your own branded foil is a necessity when you have high standards, an appreciation for innovation, an understanding of the value of our brand, and a creative mind.

Investing in your own branded foil with a trusted and globally revered brand such as Foil Me is a fantastic way to provide your salon with a point of difference, gain exposure, and ensure premium quality.


The minimum order:

This kind of project cannot be undertaken unless you are willing to order the minimum order quantity (MOQ) which varies with each style chosen. The current MOQ is 2,000 individual packets (which is 4.5 pallets). This may seem like a lot, but we need to ensure the process is as environmentally friendly and economical as possible. 


The love of our brand:

We want to ensure we are supporting our amazing community. This is why we only offer our custom foil to those who have used Foil Me for 6 months or longer.


NDA, Custom Foil Agreement and Pricing:

This wonderful project requires a large time commitment from our design team and on our resources; therefore, we need to ensure that you are 100% committed to the process before we even begin discussing designs and pricing, which varies depending on the creative execution needed.



We only offer a limited amount of custom foil creations per year. This ensures your business is provided with the utmost care where the quality and service you receive is not jeopardised.


The process of the custom foil

The creation process is a lot more extensive than what people initially think! 

The steps taken are the following:

- Discussion with our Creative Director, Emily Ciardiello, takes place regarding the logistics and purpose of the custom foil.

- An NDA is signed by both parties

- Further discussion about the vision and ideation process.

- A Custom Foil Agreement is signed by both parties.

- Payment of Design and Admin Fee received

- Our design team will collaborate with you to create a beautiful, unique design for the foil that aligns with your branding and values. This can take up to 6 weeks and it involves Emily and Chelsea spending many hours sitting together as well as frequent communication between Emily and yourself to design the perfect foil for you.

 - Your logo is required and discussion over the design of the outside packaging takes place.


If you love the sound of creating a custom foil with Foil Me, and you meet the criteria above, please email us at



Previous Custom Foil Collaborations

Our exclusive, custom designed foils are perfect for salons that appreciate creativity and innovation.

We are honoured to have created the following beautiful custom foils... 

The Foxy

Our first custom foil, The Foxy, was created for Mia De Vries of The Fox and The Hair and owner of The Secret Fox Education in Australia. ⁠ ⁠

Our beautiful tri-tone foil was one of the first multi-coloured foils to hit the market and these colours are just perfect for those looking to add a splash of colour to your salon and foiling creations.

The shades were specifically chosen to represent The Fox and The Hair brand colours whilst evoking the following feelings and senses; 💖 Pink provides compassion and love, 💜 Purple brings peace, trust and integrity, 💙 Blue enhances imagination and spirituality.

Learn more about The Foxy here.

The Wildflower

The Wildflower collection was custom designed for salon owner, Cena Jordan, in Las Vegas, Nevada, whose salon name is The Wildflower Collective.  

Emily Ciardiello (creative director and
co-owner) wanted to ensure the design for Cena Jordan's foils was completely unique and represented Cena and her salon seamlessly. Thus, she sought flowers that were native to North America where Cena's salon is and hand drew each one (Wild Geranium, Indian Paintbrush, Douglas Aster) to decorate the foils and the box. To do this, Chelsea Winter (our Foil Me graphic guru) digitally traced each hand drawn flower, and together, both Emily and Chelsea meticulously added the finer details whilst in consultation with Cena to create this stunning collection.

To further emanate the symbolic meaning of the wildflower; new beginnings and a free soul, the stunning flowers are featured on the background of beautiful gold packaging, but inside the box, the wildflowers are highlighted on a gorgeous pink sunrise colour, which, like the flower that delightfully surprises their audience by appearing spontaneously in the wild, so too does this artist's dream.

Learn more about The Wildflower here.


The Desert Lounge

Evan Stowers, owner of The Desert Lounge Salon is a treasured Foil Me Ambassador for the USA. After years of socialising with each other and admiring Evan’s art, Evan reached out to us to design a custom foil for his salon in Utah, aptly named The Desert Lounge.

In carefully crafted and aesthetically pleasing packaging, this custom foil features the same premium foil features the same premium Foil Me signature embossing with a gorgeous sandy gold and dark green cacti design.

The custom cacti design for collaborator Evan Stowers, not only represents the arid desert lands in Utah, USA where Evans Stowers' salon is, but the cacti also symbolises endurance as it is a plant that can stand up to the test of time and the elements

Learn more about The Desert Lounge here.

The Tressa

Tressa Yanchuk is a renowned blonde and balayage specialist and educator, with specialised techniques that require the ideal foils.

Tressa has been our Canadian ambassador since 2018 and a Foil Me lover from 2016, so collaborating with her on a foil named after her was a natural progression

In carefully crafted and aesthetically pleasing periwinkle and white bobby pin design packaging, this custom foil features the same premium Foil Me signature embossing with a pretty periwinkle and white bobby pin design.

Periwinkle is a pale indigo colour that is actually named after flower; representing femininity and nature. It is blue with shades of purple and sits between the two on the colour wheel thus it represents serenity, calmness, winter and ice. It can also symbolise blossoming friendships, sentimental memories, and everlasting love. Don't be surprised if you take trips down memory lane or you feel a sense of calm with your guests whilst foiling with these.


Learn more about The Tressa here.




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