Simplify the colouring process with Foil Me's flexible hair tool, 'The Board'

Colouring boards - not only do they vastly simplify the colouring process, but they ensure accurate, efficient work and optimal results.

You’ve seen them, you’ve tried them, you love them… or maybe, you still haven’t found one that works for you - but what if the best is yet to come?

After extensive research and planning, Foil Me is proud to introduce their highly anticipated colouring board. Aptly named, The Board embodies ease, innovation and luxury to provide hairstylists with the flexibility and convenience they deserve.

Curious as to what makes this ground-breaking tool so unique? Well, let us explain…

Proudly made and meticulously designed in Australia, The Board is the first of its kind. For Foil Me Co-owners and founders, Emily and Iliano Ciardiello, it was crucial that they utilise local business where possible.

Says Emily of The Board, “With all of the chaos that was transpiring and a renewed sense of responsibility to try to create new products in our home country, it was absolutely imperative that we could create and employ locally to achieve exactly what we wanted right here in Australia.”

With a strong focus on environmental consciousness, they also wanted to ensure they were creating a tool that was both sustainable and durable. How was this achieved exactly? Well, not only is The Board crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic, but it is also 100% recyclable.

So, what makes The Board different from the rest? Intelligently designed, this innovative tool features one end with a straight edge, and the other slightly curved. Additionally, it features Foil Me’s signature embossing on one side, which works to grip the foil and prevent slipping, promising an even application every time. Rather paint on a smooth surface? We’ve got you covered! Simply flip The Board over to suit your preference. With its lightweight, flexible design, this valuable tool perfectly conforms to any contour, reducing the risk of RSI and providing the versatility you deserve.

A testament to its ingenuity, The Board has helped hair salon owner and co-owner of Hive Bee Box, Mel Liddle, by ensuring precision and elevating the colouring process.

“The Board is so much fun! I haven't used a board before so I was so surprised I'd love it so much! It made applying colour on the foil easier and far more even, and the curved end that goes on to the scalp made it easier to get the perfect root application. Little bit obsessed!” says Mel.

Equal parts aesthetic and practical, The Board is sure to elicit curiosity and spark insightful conversation with your guests. Available in two different gold-flecked colour options, Dusty Pink or Ecru (white), Foil Me has completely reinvented the colouring board as we know it.

Truly one of a kind, this unique tool encapsulates convenience and ease with its innovative design and functionality. All that’s left to do is try it for yourself – and we can guarantee you the search for the perfect board is over at last.

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